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Beauty Review: Hair Products- John Frieda & Petal Fresh Organic

Hi everyone! How are you? So, I’ve been thinking about what should I blog and I thought that I would start with something that I’m currently interested in: hair products. First off, I don’t actually use many hair products. With time, I have started to pay more and more attention to my hair. I’m very laid back about it, I barely blow dry it a bit after I shower, I think that says it all haha. Recently, I’ve been reading and learning about different ways to care for and keep your hair healthy. I’ll share with you my thoughts on that later on in other posts. Today I wanted to give you my opinion on two brands of shampoo and hair conditioner. The first one I had never used before and the second one is one of my favorites. Hope you enjoy!

Petal Fresh Organics- Color Protection Pomegranate and Acai Shampoo: 

This shampoo brand I had never seen or heard about before. I usually buy my hair products in the supermarket while my mom likes to go to different stores and finds various products that have turn out to be very good. So, a few months ago she went to GNC and found this brand that uses organic ingredients and few chemicals. This week, I decided to try it out. I was very excited because I think that the more natural, the better. The first thing I noticed was the scent. It smells really good :) It has a fruity smell, actually it reminds me of Skittles haha. The scent lasted long enough I think. The next day after I washed my hair it kept smelling like I had just washed it. The second thing I noticed was that the shampoo doesn’t foam so much. I thought it was because my hair was dirty or greasy but when I applied it again it still didn’t foam. Also, I noticed that my hair got greasy faster than usual, which was a little bit of a turn down. Maybe it doesn’t clean as deep as other brands or maybe I should apply it three times instead of the usual two. I’ll try this again and I’ll tell you later if it changed. The conditioner felt creamy and rich. I noticed that my hair looked shinier and felt softer. Overall, I did liked it and I do recommend it to you. If you have tried it, tell me what was your experience like :)

John Frieda- Brilliant Brunette Shampoo and Root Awakening Conditioner:

I’ve tried three products from John Frieda and so far they have been amazing! I’m constantly looking for different shampoos and conditioners because I’ve noticed that if I use the same brand for a long long long period of time, at first, my hair looks healthy and “happy” and then, later on, it looks dry and dull. Has this happen to you? I heard about this brand though a friend of mine, so I decided to give it a try. The first I tried out was Brilliant Brunette. I don’t have brown hair, I have natural red hair, and I know the shampoo is called Brilliant Brunette haha, but the reason I bought this one was because, although it doesn’t color your hair brown, it darkens your natural color. I prefer my hair rather brownish-red color than light red. It contains almond oil which helps hydrate and give shine. The almond oil smell is really lovely :) My hair felt soft and, with continued use, it looked healthier and felt more moisturized. After a good result with the shampoo, I tried the Root Awakening conditioner. It contains peppermint extract and eucalyptus that work to hydrate ,not only the roots, but also the scalp. For best results, I like to let the conditioner get absorbed by my hair and scalp so I wait 2-3 minutes before rinsing it. After using it, my scalp felt refreshed and, I can’t explain, but it felt like the sensation in your mouth that you get when chewing strong meant bubble gum. It is great if you have dry hair like me or if you have an itchy scalp. Both products are great for hydration and I actually like to use them when I go swimming. The chlorine in the pool really dries your hair so it is important to moisturize well.

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