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Some thoughts: Appreciate your work and efforts!

Today I wanted to write about learning to appreciate yourself, your own accomplishments. To introduce this topic, I want to share with you my experience in university:

When I graduated school, I thought that university wasn’t going to be as big of a change as everyone I talked to said. …Little did I knew that I would struggle so much. Once I got to the second year of university I realized how different it was from high school. I was used to the teaching methods from my school, where they encourage us to think and analyze. Whereas now, I face classes (like anatomy) that required plenty of memorizing and little logic. It was a big impact in my life because as I tried to keep up with the class and as I tried to learn these new teaching methods, I started to get low grades. It hurt my pride and my self confidence. With time, I became trapped in a vicious cycle: the more I struggled, the lower the grades, the less self confidence. It got to the point where it affected other areas of my life and all I would do was blame my self; I became my worst enemy. Yet, as they say, time heals all. Little by little I fought back and got the hung of things. Still today I have a hard time but not as hard as it was before. The difference between now and before is my perspective of the situation. Although I still doubt myself and I’m still afraid of failing, I try to encourage myself, to push my limits and look for excellence. The key I think is that you have to learn to appreciate your own efforts, even if the rest of the class has better grades. Instead of focusing on others, it’s best to focus on yourself. This means that if you have overcome an obstacle, then you should acknowledge this and treat yourself to something you like. Try to feel better with yourself. Today I got exempt from a class, and, although I could have done better, it is a big step for me. I feel proud :) 

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