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Buxom Two of A Kind Lipsticks

This Christmas I bought myself some gifts from Sephora haha :) I think this is the type of store that you have to go with an already thought out plan, because there are a lot of temptations haha. However, once I got to the store I forgot about the list I made beforehand, and realize that I wanted everything! Hasn’t this happen to you too? Anyway, I was looking for some lipsticks and I guess I was feeling adventurous because I decided to try Buxom’s Two of A Kind Lipsticks, which is a brand I hadn’t tried out before. 

Buxom’s Two of A Kind Lipsticks come in a nice package shaped like a card deck box. This product has two smaller sized lipsticks than the regular size they sell. I thought it was a great idea because it allowed me to try two different colored lipsticks at once, and this way I was able to test the brand as well. I got the Mistress and Hooligan colors, which are two different pink shades. Mistress is a lighter pink tone, I would say it is a rose pink color. Hooligan is a darker pink with a little bit of a plum or brownish undertone (I’m not an expert haha). They are rich and creamy. I felt it was moisturizing my lips. Both colors have a matte finish which was great because I wanted a matte lipstick. You don’t have to apply a lot, which is something I look for in lipsticks. I noticed that the color did fade away fast, not too fast though. Finally, I love that both have a vanilla smell :) I like vanilla haha. 

Hope this was useful! Have you tried these lipsticks yet?

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