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New Year’s Resolution

Hi everyone! First off, I wanted to start by wishing you a happy 2015, hopefully this year will be a great one for all of you! Secondly, I wanted to take a bit of time to analyze what 2014 meant for me, and try to set new goals for 2015. It would be interesting to read your comments and learn what your plans for 2015 are :)

My favorite part of each New Year is the countdown, haha I guess it’s everyone’s favorite part. For me, it represents closure and new beginnings, an opportunity to start again, maybe not like a blank page, but more like taking your story into a new direction. For the last two years I made the same wish each new year and hoped it became true. This year, I forgot to make a wish haha, and, know that I think of it, it turn out better this way. I want to make things different this time, and, instead of making a wish, I want to set goals that I’ll try to fulfill throughout the year. Here is the list:

Goal #1: Letting go and closing chapters, but really closing them.
Friendships, and, in my opinion, any type of relationship, are hard. Maybe, I wouldn’t describe them as hard, but it takes work, and work from both sides, your friend and you. 2014 was an eye opening year in that sense. I realize that a lot of the people whom I considered close friends, weren’t good friends. I don’t think that they are bad people, I just came to realize that the type of friendship we had wasn’t one I thought I wanted or deserved, at least not by someone who I thought of as my best friend. I won’t go into detail of what happened, but, out of this experience, I learned that things go both ways, both people have to make efforts and not just one of them. In my heart anger and resentment grew because I felt rejected and mistreated, hurt. So, this year I want to let go of that anger, let go of that resentment, and truly accept them as the persons they are and accept the type of friendship they can give, without calling them best friends, just friends. Do you know what I mean? What I’m trying to say is that I want to be able to live happy and not care about them. At the end of the day, I’m the one angry, and that anger doesn’t let me enjoy life like I could, so it’s time to forget and forgive.

Goal #2: Making new friends and cultivating old friendships.
While in 2014 I struggled with closing chapters and defining the type of friendship I wanted, I subconsciously isolated myself from others. I was disappointed at people and assumed everyone was going to hurt me, that if I trusted someone too much, he/she would reject me at some point, just disappoint me, like my “best friends” did. Yet, I forgot an important fact: in life you can’t prevent yourself from getting hurt. Isolation wasn’t the solution to the problem. Just because I met people that were’t whom I thought they were, doesn’t mean I wouldn’t meet someone that would like me for the way I am. By not getting to know someone, you are closing the door to someone who might me a good person. How can you tell if that person is the one? Only time will tell, only by getting to know each other, just don’t give away your full trust so easily and right away. Therefore, this year I want to get back into the world haha, meet new people, make friends, and hung out with my old friends.

Goal #3: Get to know myself. Learn to accept and love myself.
This probably sounds too egocentric haha, but I think that it is important to grow a good relationship with yourself, of course with moderation, without going to the extreme. By doing so, your confidence will grow and you’ll become a person sure of him/herself, and this love will show in many areas of your life. Throughout the years, I’ve learned that the persons who are truly confident of themselves are those who don’t compare themselves with others, who can enjoy other’s success without feeling threaten or without being jealous. This year I want to focus on myself as well. I want to learn to accept who I am without feeling I’m letting others down, without feeling I’m not enough. I want to feel pretty haha, I want to trust my decisions, I want to trust my knowledge, and I want to feel proud of the person I’ve become.

Goal #4: Study more, learn more, and be better in my career.

What are your plans for this new year? 

Sending love to all who is reading this.

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