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Smashbox Full Exposure Eye Palette Review and Makeup Look

Sometimes, during my free time I like to do some makeup online window shopping, don’t we all? Last year I found this eye palette on Sephora and have kept an eye on it ever since. Finally, while I was doing some Christmas shopping last December I decided to get it once and for all. 

Like a kid with a new toy, I’ve been using this palette for all occasions. The eyeshadows range from earthy tones (dark brown, gold, peach, and pink) perfect for an everyday look, to a few darker ones for a nighttime look (grey, silver, and black). I must say, I love these colors! It contains colors that I usually go for and I think these are good to have in your makeup collection because they are easy to combine with other colors. The palette is divided into shimmery eyeshadows and matte eyeshadows, which is one of the reasons why I was interested in this product. 

Once I started using the shimmery shades, I noticed that these are less pigmented than the matte ones. I don’t know if it’s the eye primer that I use or what, but I felt that I had to apply a lot of product to start noticing the shimmery eyeshadow. I haven’t used these eyeshadows with the 24 Hour Photo Finish Eye Primer that comes with the palette, so I’ll have to check if that primer improves the situation haha. If you begin to experience the same as I did, I do recommend dabbing a bit of water to your eyeshadow brush beforehand. The matte eyeshadows, on the other hand, are very pigmented. 

As for duration, they last a long time without fading, something that is always good to look for, specially if you are planing to use this for a party look.

Makeup look:

To show you how these eyeshadows look when applied, I decided to do a makeup look! I was going for a more subtle, natural, daytime look, but it evolved into this haha. It’s a bit darker than what I usually use during the day, but it can be used for that purpose. It can also work well if you are going out to dinner or with your friends, something more relaxed, but you want to do something not too light, not too dark. 

Lid: For the inner half I used the second matte eyeshadow which is a light brown. For the outer half I used the third shimmery eyeshadow to add some sparks to the look haha. It’s like a peach color.

Crease: I used the sixth matte eyeshadow which is a grey color mixed with a bit of brown. This darkens the look a bit.

Eyeliner: I didn’t want to go for a black line because it was supposed to be a natural look. Instead, I used Maybelline’s Eyestudio gel liner in the color Brown. 

Lips: In the second picture, I’m wearing Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable Balm Satin in Romantic.

Hope you enjoy this post! Tell me what did you think of this review and of the makeup look :) What do you think of this eye palette? 

3 Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

Valentine’s Day is on Saturday… time does fly by so fast! What are you going to do to celebrate this day? I’m not such a big romantic nor do I celebrate it as much. I like to do something special, kind of like a simple and small celebration, but nonetheless fun and enjoyable. Since I have to work on Saturday, I was thinking on planing ahead my outfit for the night. Choosing what to wear can be time consuming and I don’t like getting ready in a hurry just because I lost all my time just staring at my closet haha. I came up with three different outfits and wanted to share them with you, guys. Whether you are going out on a date or with you friends or family, I think these outfits can work. Hope you enjoy this post!

Outfit #1: Fancy Dinner or Party

I found this lovely black dress in Pull & Bear. It was on sale, so bonus points right there! What called my attention was the shape of the dress. I like that it has the back exposed. The thin straps cross at the back, but you can’t wear a bra which makes me uncomfortable. One has to try out new things sometimes haha. It’s a figure hugging dress. It looks sexy yet elegant, perfect for a fancy dinner or a party. You can wear it with black tights to cover up a bit or with a blazer.

Outfit #2: Dinner Date

If you don’t feel like wearing a dress, then this outfit idea might suit you. The blouse is from Forever 21. I got it last year, but I’m sure you can find something similar in the store now. I like that it has flowers, going with the Valentine’s Day theme haha. It’s shape is flattering, not to tight but not too lose. It has a nice back, which makes it look cute and elegant. I paired this with black trousers and black chunky heels.

Outfit #3: Casual Date

When I think of casual outfits, I think of jeans haha. However, if you are going on a date, I think it’s important to make a good impression, yet keep it simple and casual. I thought of putting together this Pull & Bear jeans with this cute blouse from Forever 21. I like it’s print, which are big pink flowers. It looks similar to the blouse from the second outfit haha, it’s because I like their shape. I think it makes you look elegant and feminine. 

These shoes I got from Urban Outfitters two years ago. They are from the brand Kimchi Blue.

I hope you enjoyed these outfit ideas!

Beauty Review: Facial Skin Products - Neutrogena and Kiehl’s

I’ve been waiting excitedly for a long time to write this post. It might have sound weird reading that haha, but for me finding a facial cream that I like is pretty hard, and having found two products made me happy to share them with you.

Hope you enjoy reading this review and be sure to let me know what you think! Have you tried these products before? What facial creams do you like?

Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer Liquid Sunscreen:

The face is one of the areas of your body that is more exposed to the sun, thus increasing the probability of having skin lesions due to the UV rays. Therefore, wearing daily sunscreen is important. I’ve noticed that a lot of facial sunscreens have a thick or heavy consistency that takes time to be absorbed by the skin. Also, most leave your skin greasy and shiny, something I do not enjoy. 

Neutrogena’s facial sunscreen is completely different. At first, when I read it’s name, Ultra Sheer Liquid Sunscreen, I was skeptical and thought to myself: like fun it is haha, but actually, it is a liquid sunscreen. It comes in a small bottle, but this isn’t a bad thing since you only need a small amount of the product to cover your face. It is quickly absorbed by the skin. I usually apply it after washing my face, then I’ll put my clothes on and by the time I’m putting on my shoes it has been absorbed. The skin feels soft at touch and not greasy at all. I haven’t had any break outs, any pimples, nothing. It has an SPF of 70, which is a great protection from the sun. Being exposed to the sun using this sunscreen, I haven’t notice more freckles than the ones I already had and my skin hasn’t tanned. I've always liked Neutrogena's products and this one I definitely recommend it!

Kiehl’s Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Cream:

I had never heard of Kiehl’s before and, to be honest, it probably was because it has been in the recent years that I’ve started to really get into beauty stuff. The lady that recommended this brand told me that they focus on natural ingredients, creating a formula rich in vitamins and minerals that help nurture the skin. I was attracted by this information and decided to give it a try. This facial cream is soft and creamy, yet easily absorbed by the skin, which is great. I felt that there is no need to apply big amounts of the product since it’s creaminess allows you to give a full coverage with just a small amount. Also, bonus points haha, it has an SPF of 30 that allows you to use this product during the day without worrying about the sun rays. After continuous use, I noticed that my skin was more hydrated, less dull. Personally, I thought it looked healthier, like it had a kind of glow, which it might had been because of its moisturizing effect. As for the wrinkle reducing effect of this product, I did notice that most of the lines I have in the outer corner of my eyes and my forehead looked less visible. I believe that dry skin tends to accentuate wrinkles and, by hydrating it, these wrinkles are less noticeable. If you are looking for such effect on the lines of your face, I would recommend a daily use of the cream, just so the active ingredients can be maintain at a constant level and your skin can nourish from them. I look forward to trying more products from this brand and investigating more about their use of natural ingredients.

Hope you enjoy this review!