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Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser Review

What is the thing that makes you start your day off with the right mood? For me it’s a good cup of coffee and music. I love listening to music while taking a shower. Not only I get to sing like if I was the next Mariah Carey, but it has actually helped me become more conscious of the amount of time I spend washing my hair. For example, an average song can last about 4 minutes, so while I listen to a song I let the hair products get absorbed by my hair and scalp, maximizing the effect of all the nutrients and oils contained in the shampoo and conditioner. Then, as I wait for the song to be over, I wash my face and body, and brush my teeth (see, no time is wasted here haha). Today, while I was doing this routine, I was thinking about how if I don’t wash my face or brush my teeth I feel dirty even though I already took a shower. Does this happen to you too? So, realizing that facial cleansers are so important to me haha, I decided to share the one that I have been loving lately.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser:

This facial cleanser is my most precious one (I feel I sounded like Gollum haha). First off, because it’s the most expensive, and secondly, because it’s the most gentle with my skin. This cleanser doesn’t have a soap-like consistency, It doesn’t make bubbles or anything similar, but don’t underestimate it’s cleansing power because of that. After washing my face with the cleanser, it feels super soft but a bit dry. According to the product, it can be used for normal to oily skin type, but personally, I think oily skin types can benefit more from the reduction of excess oil. If you have normal or dry skin, I recommend applying a facial cream afterwards just to hydrate it. There is no need to apply a big amount of product. I noticed that for me with just a little bit for the forehead, each cheek, nose, and chin is enough. I like to dump my face with water, apply the product, and then massage my face with the pulps of my fingers, specially on my T zone. This cleanser is great if you are not wearing any makeup. I found that it doesn’t remove it that well. You might need to use some wipes to remove all the makeup before and then use this product. Overall, I did noticed less oil on my T zone, at least it took more time throughout the day for my face to look shiny or feel greasy. Personally, I don’t use this facial cleanser regularly because it can make my skin dry. I like to use it every two days and only in the morning.

Hope you enjoy this review! Have your tried this product yet? 

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