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Dolce & Gabbana Woman’s Winter 2016 Fashion Show

As I was looking through the internet, I came across a backstage photo of Gigi Hadid wearing a flower crown/headband for the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show. I loved how she looked and was immediately intrigued into finding more about that show. The main theme of their show was the role that a mother plays within the family nucleus and society itself. I think it’s a great idea and kind of refreshing to see that in a fashion show motherhood is being celebrated, specially nowadays that woman seek independence and, sometimes I feel, they draw further away from the role of being a mom. What I interpret from the show was the message that the ideal woman, that independent, driven, powerful female can also be delicate and sweet like a rose. She can be an entrepreneur but also a mother and a caregiver.

The makeup was simple and feminine: soft brown eyeshadow shades, with a small winged eyeline. For the lips, they chose feminine and sweet tones ranging from light pink, rose, and red.

The hair: 
Most models, if not all, wore their hair in a simple, delicate bun. They accessorized it with flower crowns or flower shaped hair pins. 

The clothes: 
I loved the dresses! They were made to look super feminine and delicate using lace fabrics and rose flower prints. Some dresses were fitted to show the curves of a women’s body, but other were more lose. You can find dresses above the knee length or longer, which I felt it was a statement, kind of like saying a woman can be both sexy and elegant. Most dresses were black or white, all with roses printed on the fabric, portraying the idea that a woman, a mother, is associated with nature, kindness and delicacy. 

Here are some pictures of the show: 
(All pictures where taken from the Dolce & Gabbana Instagram account and Gigi Hadid's Instagram account, they are not mine. Here are the links: Gigi's, Dolce & Gabbana's)

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