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Celebrity Inspired Outfit Idea: Beyonce's Sporty Chic Outfit

Last week, I was contacted by Fanatics, the sports apparel store, and was asked to create my idea of a sporty chic outfit. Since I love clothes and fashion, I decided to take this opportunity and just kind of have fun coming up with ideas on what to wear when going to a game. While brainstorming, I did some research for inspiration and found this picture of Beyonce, which kind of fit with what I was going for: a casual, feminine, and a bit sexy outfit. I hope you enjoy this post and be sure to let me know what you think of the outfit :D!


The reason why I’m not starting from top to bottom is because as I thought of what a sporty chic outfit would look like, the only thing that came to my mind was leather-like leggings. I think this type of leggings look sexy and chic and can be used for any occasion. I’ve seen a lot of girls wearing faux leather leggings and looking great in them. However, I’ve been undeceive as to wether or not I would look good on them and whether or not I could pair them with anything. Thus, I thought this would be the best opportunity to put an end to the mind battle for leggings and just go for it haha. I searched in ASOS because this store ships worldwide, in case you guys wanted to buy these leggings. Here is the link.


One of the main reasons I liked Beyonce’s outfit in this photo was her plaid jacket. Inspired by this idea, I thought of pairing the leggings with this flannel shirt from Urban Outfitters, here is the link. Most of my plaid shirts are from this store, so I instantly went looking for one there. I really liked the combination of blue and red colors and the shape of the shirt. I think this type of clothing looks laid back and casual, perfect for going to a game. 

Next, I chose this simple white tank top form ASOS to wear underneath the flannel shirt. What caught my attention was the v-neck, which makes this top look feminine and sexy. Also,  I really like that the straps cross at the back part of the tank top. It’s a nice detail that adds a feminine touch to the outfit. I don’t really like wearing tight clothing and this tank top looked a bit loosely fitted, something I would definitely wear. Here is the link.


Keeping in mind that I wanted this outfit to be sexy, yet feminine, I thought these heels would be a great addition. This type of heels, simple and elegant, has been trending a lot lately. I constantly see girls wearing them and it seems that every outfit they pair them with looks pretty and feminine. I found this model at ASOS. I like that it has a thin needle like heel, but it’s not too tall, so you would still be able to walk in them. Also, I picked these ones out because they were pretty cheap (my wallet would be happy haha). Here is the link. If you are like me and don’t wear heels too often, I looked in ASOS and they have a variety of flat sandals that would also look great with the outfit.


Looking at Beyonce’s outfit, in some pictures I saw that she was wearing a long golden necklace. I found this one at Urban Outfitters which looks a bit similar to Beyonce’s. I liked that it’s three necklaces in one, which strikes out more than if it had been only one. It’s a simple necklace that doesn’t overpower the whole look. Here is the link.

Continuing with the golden theme, I found these earrings also at Urban Outfitters. I have a friend of mine that has multiple piercings in her ear lobe and she adorns it with various little earrings. I like how it looks on her, but I just can’t pierce all my ear lobe. I liked that these earrings give the same effect and it works for girls that have only one ear lobe piercing. Here is the link.


To top this outfit off, I chose this black bag from Urban Outfitters. I liked that it’s a long cross body purse, the kind that I like to wear. Moreover, I like that it has fringes or tassels which give that casual and laid back look. Here is the link.

I hope you enjoyed this post! What outfit would you wear for a game??

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