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Makeup Of The Day: Dark Everyday Look

The other day I was thinking that it’s about time I do a makeup of the day post. If you are familiar with Pinterest and Instagram, you’ll probably have seen that there are tons of amazing makeup tutorials and ideas posted there, it’s so addictive haha. I’ve saved some photos that I love in order to have inspiration when doing my makeup. I’ve noticed some pictures of makeup artists’ everyday makeup look and it’s always natural and discrete, but nonetheless appealing and amazing. They manage to accentuate their facial features, resulting in a look that brings out the best of them. For the look I’m going to show you today, I wanted to do something wearable during the daytime, not too dramatic. I wanted to try to recreate this whole idea of emphasizing your facial features, but without having to wear a lot of makeup. I hope you enjoy this post!


I started out with the eyes because it’s easier to clean up all the eyeshadow that falls on the cheeks and then apply the foundation. I chose three neutral colors for this look: pink, light brown, and dark brown. First, using the Smashbox Full Exposure Palette, I applied the light matte pink color (the third matte shadow from left to right) all over the upper lid. I wanted a pink color similar to my skin tone, but a bit lighter. Next, I used the light brown eyeshadow that has shimmer (the second shimmery eyeshadow from left to right). I applied it on my inner half of the lid. Because the shimmery eyeshadows form this palette are less pigmented than the matte ones, I damped my brush with a bit of water beforehand. Finally, I used Tart’s Tartalette Multi-Tasker eyeshadow, which is a dark matte brown for the crease and the outer v. These eyeshadows are super pigmented so be careful not to apply too much or you’ll end up with a dark eye. The key is to blend really well. 


Before this look, I had never done my eyebrows. I’ve seen a lot of makeup tutorials on YouTube where girls can go from a really thick eyebrow to a light and thin one. I think eyebrow shapes can change how one person looks, but I just think it’s hard to achieve a natural looking one. However, I gather up the courage and decided to give it a try! I used the dark matte brown eyeshadow from the Smashbox Full Exposure Palette for the inner half. Then, I used the light matte beige eyeshadow from the same palette for the outer half. Basically, I just did brush strokes to fill the brow haha.


After doing my eyes and eyebrows, I proceded to the foundation. I used Dior’s Diorskin Nude Hydrating Makeup Foundation. I applied only one coat, as I didn’t want too much coverage. I blended it really well with an angle foundation brush. Then, I applied The Body Shop Tea Tree Concealer in the 01 tone under my eyes. I love the minty smell of this concealer! Finally, I used my all time favorite bronzer to contour my face: MAC Bronzing Powder in Refined Golden. I applied it on my jaw bone, cheek bone, my forehead, and the outline of my nose. I wanted a natural look and it’s easier for me to work with powders than creams, thus I didn’t use a cream contour palette :P


For the final touch, I used Bourjois’ Color Boost Lip Crayon in Peach on the Beach shade. It’s a baby pink color that I felt suited the look nicely. It super creamy and moisturizing!

I hope you enjoy this look! What is your everyday makeup look? Have you tried any of this products yet?

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