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Beauty Review: Ecotools The Lovely Looks Five Piece Brush Set

Over time, I’ve realized that makeup brushes are essential tools for achieving a great makeup look. However, getting your hands on good quality brushes can be a bit expensive. After doing some research on affordable brushes, mainly reading blog reviews, I decided to try out Pixwoo’s and Ecotools’ makeup brushes. I’ll start with EcoTools and next week I’ll talk about Pixiwoo’s :D

EcoTools is a brand that develops makeup related products such as makeup and hair brushes, eyelashes (which I’m looking forward to try them out haha), and even body and facial sponges. As the name states, EcoTools focuses on producing environment friendly articles, which I think is a great quality to look for in any brand. Their products are accesible to everyone: you can find them in any drugstore (I think), and at an affordable price (I got my set at $15). 

The set of brushes that I got was The Lovely Looks, which is a set of five brushes: 3 facial brushes (Foundation Brush, Angle Blush Brush, and Powder Brush) and 2 eye brushes (Shadow Brush and Flat Eyeliner Brush). It comes in a nice box that has a magnet on the side which keeps the box closed and the brushes protected. I like to leave the brushes on the package since it doesn’t take too much space and helps maintain my makeup storage more organized. The brush’s handles are made of bamboo which gives them a nice quality look. When I first used them, I was amazed at how soft the brushes felt. Moreover, I noticed and was amazed by the fact that these brushes can pick up a lot of product, but little is left on the brush after applying it. This means that the majority of the product was actually used and not lost. Up to this date, none of the hairs have fallen apart even after continuous use and wash.

I like to use the Angle Blush Brush for conturing my face and applying bronzing powder. The Foundation Brush is great for placing and blending my foundation without ending up with patches of accumulation of product on my cheeks. The Powder Brush is good for powdering my face when I want a matte look. I’ve used Shadow Brush for applying eyeshadow onto my eyelid, but I guess it can be used to apply concealer as well because of it’s shape. I don’t really use the Flat Eyeliner Brush to line my eyes because I think it’s too thick. I just feel I don’t have the precision that I get when using other eyeliner brushes. I use this brush for filling my eyebrows or for applying eyeshadow onto my lower eyelid.

I hope you enjoy this review! What are your favorite makeup brushes? Have you tried these ones?


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