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What I Wore: My Outfits Throughout The Week

To be honest, if I don’t have anything to do for the day, I like to spend it in my pajamas. I could write for hours explaining why I love my PJ’s, but I’ll summarize it in that they are extremely comfortable. However, because one cannot live in her bedtime clothes, I wanted to share with you some of the outfits I wore these past few weeks :P

Outfit #1:

I had just gotten out of the shower and was picking out my brain, trying to figure out what to wear, when I got the idea for this look. I wanted to feel super comfortable so I went for these black leggings which aren’t too tight like your regular leggings. It feels like I’m wearing gym clothes or even pajamas. I combined them with this light brown/beige top, which I love. It’s composed of soft sheer fabric that I would describe it as lace. Because it’s a bit see-through, I wore a white crop top underneath. I also like the knot on the front. I think it’s a nice little detail.

Outfit #2: 
If there is a thing I like, that can’t really explain why, is to wear shorts with long sleeve tops or sweaters. It’s like wearing jeans with a tee or a tank top , but sort of opposite, if I make any sense haha. For this outfit, I paired these loose shorts from Zara with a brown and white striped sweater from Express. Actually, the shorts are a size too big, but I prefer it that way because they look sort of boyish. I love this sweater. It’s also loosely fitted and short in length. If I put my arms up in the air, my stomach can be observed haha. I like it’s long sleeve that reach up to my fingers. 

Outfit #3:

The day that I wore this outfit I had a meeting, so I wanted to dress up a bit. I wore this long, white and blue striped blouse (more stripes!) from Ann Taylor. I chose this long top because it was sleeveless, just in case things got intense throughout the interview (I’m talking about sweat haha). I really like it’s fabric. It’s super soft and light. To add a feminine touch, I used a belt with a cute little bow on it from Forever 21. I thought it gave my body a nice shape, accentuating my curves. I paired this blouse with black leggings from Zara. Because I’m not a high heels kind of girl, I wore black ballerina flats.

Outfit #4:

Lately, I’ve been trying out new clothing styles in an attempt to get out of my comfort zone. For this outfit, I chose a white button up blouse from Zara that used to be my mom’s, but has now joined my closet haha. It has a bit of ruffle in the front, which I really liked. Also, it has a sort feminine and delicate v neck. The fabric is light, soft, and a bit see-through. I paired this blouse with grey skinny jeans from Mango and floral printed slip-ons from Pull & Bear that contrasted with the femininity of the blouse. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Which was your favorite look? 



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    1. Thanks :) The brown and white striped sweater is my favorite, it's super comfortable and casual haha.