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Makeup Review: L’Oreal Paris La Lacque and Le Matte Lipsticks

Last post, I wrote about my first impression of two red lipsticks that I had recently gotten. This week, I’ve decided to talk about my experience using two pink lipsticks :P Can you see the color pattern? Next week will be orange lipsticks… Haha I’m kidding.

The pink lipsticks that I chose for this review are both from L’Oreal Paris, which is one of my favorite drugstore makeup brands. As each lipstick’s name states, one is matte, Le Matte, and the other one is shiny, La Lacque. I think that both are pretty shades of pink. Lacque and Roll is a darker fuchsia pink color, while She’s So Matte is a more neutral soft rose pink. Personally, I see myself wearing more often She’s So Matte because it’s a classic neutral shade, which is easier to combine with any makeup look, a darker and heavier makeup or a more discrete and soft one. Also, I think it’s perfect for an everyday wear. However, Lacque and Roll being a vibrant pink, would be perfect for party looks or just fun daytime makeup. 

Both products have an elongated, sort of pencil- like shape. At first I thought the shape of the tip wouldn’t be useful for applying the product on the lips, but, after trying it out, I felt it made the whole process a lot easier. The tip isn’t your typical lipstick shaped tip. It is smaller and rounder, which helps apply the lipstick evenly through the lips, allowing you to reach the corners and small areas. 

As I applied these products, I noticed how creamy they felt. I can only describe them as similar to butter haha, soft and creamy. My lips felt great! While Lacque and Roll maintains it’s creamy consistency, She’s So Matte tends to dry out, I guess because it has a matte finish. Besides their creaminess, these lipsticks are very pigmented. It was amazing to notice how strong their color was as I applied them. Moreover, their pigmentation lasts a long, long, long time. Even while drinking and eating food they didn’t fade out. To kind of let you have an idea of their long lasting quality, I wore Lacque and Roll the other night to the movies. Even after eating popcorn and then washing my face before going to sleep, the next day when I woke up I could still notice my lips slightly pink.

Well, that was my review :) Let me know what you think! Have you tried these lipsticks? Which L’Oreal lipstick is your favorite? Or, in general, which is your favorite lipstick?


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