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Hungry For More

These couple of days I’ve been thinking a lot about my future, so I decided to share some of my thoughts with you. There are times when I wish I could finally reach my goals. I picture myself at the peak of a mountain, looking at the vast sky and thinking to myself “I did it”.  As much as I want to flash-forward into that moment and avoid going through this journey of ups and downs,  and mainly avoid the down parts, sometimes reaching your goal is all about the journey, if that makes sense. 

Not so long ago, my oldest brother graduated from his masters degree and during the ceremony a faculty member gave a speech that has gotten stuck in my head ever since. I can’t really rewrite his speech (and kind of regret not filming it haha), but his main idea was that happiness is a lifestyle. Being happy is not a goal, but the journey itself. Everyday that you wake up, you make the choice to be happy. You decided how to face the obstacles in your path, whether it is with a smile on your face, with optimism, or without. He stated that sometimes it might not be up to us how things turn out to be, good or bad, but it is up to us how we react to them. That point of view sort of threw me off balance because I was frustrated and so focused on trying my best and yet not succeeding, that I had shut myself from understanding and accepting that it takes time for things to happen.

There is a saying, which these couple of days I’ve noticed it repeatedly everywhere, in a blog that I read, twitter, and even my mom has told it to me. This saying goes something like this: “fall seven times, get up eight”. What it means is that life may not be simple and easy. There will be times when you may fail, when reaching your goals get hard, but it’s during these moments that you have to swim and keep swimming against the current. As much as I don’t like to listen when my parents tell me this, but life is all about perseverance. When times get hard, when you are not too sure you are going to be able to reach your dreams, remember that you have the choice to either believe in yourself and keep on keeping on, or let your fears and doubts take over. As the graduation speaker stated, life might not be under our control, but we have control over ourselves, of our reaction to what it brings us. 

Even though I find myself thinking how much I would love to be “successful” or to have already accomplished my dreams, there is and there will be a time for everything. I guess I’m hungry for more, but just like food, you have to eat slowly, take your time chewing it and enjoy every minute of it. You have to enjoy life, enjoy the journey, every minute of it and not get caught up in the down parts.

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