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Black Friday 2015

I always thought Black Friday was a sort of thing only done in the U.S, but little did I know that in many other countries it’s celebrated as well. A few years ago, where I live, the whole idea of Black Friday was adopted. I might be wrong, but I think this is the fourth year malls and stores around the country have been celebrating it. I’ve never been in the U.S for Black Friday, but friends that have been told me it’s pretty intense. This year I decided to go to the mall and take a look around with my main shopping partner, my mom :) I was planning on doing a big post about my shopping spree, but, due to various reasons, I decided to cut back a little and save up some money for Christmas. However, I did find a few bits and pieces :P

My mom and I woke up early to avoid the masses of people and to get a nice parking space. We arrived at 8:45 am (the mall opened at 8 o’clock) and to our surprise the parking lots were almost out of space! We managed to find a spot and off we went inside the mall. The first thing that we wanted to do, as coffee lovers as my mom and I are, was to get a coffee and something to eat. On our way, we stopped by Nine West because we saw a bunch of people in the store so we thought it must have had some pretty descent discounts. My mom was looking for comfortable heels and I was looking for any shoe style to wear to school. Although she didn’t find much, I found these cute ballerina flats. I don’t know if they are nude or yellow, either way I really liked them. They are quite simple, but comfortable to walk with and easy to match with other colors and outfits. I don’t know how much it costs in the U.S, but with the discount, it was $30. What do you think of them??

After many stops along the way, we finally reached the coffee stand. I ordered a cappuccino with some pastries to satisfy my sweet tooth and hungry stomach. I think this is the best part about shopping with my mom, the coffee break. We can spend hours talking and laughing, all while drinking my favorite drink, coffee. 

Nearby was the Express store and so we went to check it out once we finished eating. The whole store was with 50% off, which, if you think of it, was a great deal. Inside, everyone was so focused on getting their hands on each clothing item. Just like them, we scouted around the place grabbing what we liked. It’s like the idea of having something half the original price triggers some area in your brain to buy it, but sometimes even 50% off isn’t the best deal. I looked at the prices of the three clothing pieces I had gotten and, by my criteria, they still were a bit pricy. With doubt on my mind, I kept walking around and found the exact same green jacket from Express that I had gotten 3 years ago, but in a store in the U.S. What was it doing there? I’m not the kind of person that if it’s not “in”, I don’t wear it. I still have cloths from when I was in high school (5 years ago) and actually, I had worn that jacket the night before. I guess as a buyer, you are not expecting to spend money on a clothing item that was from 3 years ago, specially if it’s been sold at $100 (with the discount it would have been $50). With even more doubt on my mind, I kept walking only to find a huge line at the paying area. If the circumstance had been different, we would have stood in line and waited patiently, but we decided to leave our stuff and keep on walking around the mall.

A couple of hours later, we were getting ready to leave, but I wanted to go to the Makeup Store and see what they had. I was greeted at the entrance of the store and given a pen. Actually, I wasn’t sure if it was a gift or what, but I kept it :P The new collection of lipsticks were 10% off, the rest were 65% off. A lot of their lip products were either gone or only a couple left. The first one that I got was Sheer from their slim lipsticks range, which is a nice shimmery berry color lipstick, perfect for winter. The slim lipstick range differentiates from the normal lipstick range on it’s intensity. They are a bit less pigmented and more glossy. Next, I found Yarn, a metallic, shimmery, soft orange lipstick that I can see myself wearing on summer (…on any season actually). Both items were $10 each, which, for a high end makeup brand, it was a deal that could not be missed! 

After looking at the lipstick section, I went to check this big upside-down umbrella where all the eye products on sale were. Two eyeshadows caught my attention, Golden, which, as it’s name states, is a peachy, rusty, shimmery golden color, and Venice, a shimmery moss green color. Both eyeshadows cost around $10 each, as well. I haven’t tried any of their eye products, so I thought it was a great chance to see what they’re all about.

Finally, happy with having spent time with my mom and doing something different from the usual, we headed home.

I hope you enjoy this post!

Did you go to the mall for Black Friday? Which item that I got did you like the most?

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