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Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi-Gloss Duo Review

It’s been a couple of crazy days and I haven’t had a chance to sit in front of the computer and write. Finally, taking a couple of hours off form my study time, I decided to do a small review about these two lipgloss from Make Up For Ever. 

Make Up For Ever is a very well known brand, yet I have never really tried any of their products before. Let me tell you, it hasn’t been because I didn’t want to. I’ve read such great reviews about lots of their products, a huge number on their HD Foundation, which has made me place this brand on my very long “Things To Get ” list, under the makeup and beauty category.

Back in December, my mom and I went to Sephora for some makeup hunting. I think I have mention this before on another post, but one of the many things I like about this store is that, as you approach to the paying area, the line to the cashier is outlined by small shelves containing pocket size or smaller versions of makeup and beauty products. Thus, as you wait inline, you can’t help yourself taking a peak and even ending up getting one of the many products displayed, which is what happened to my mom and I.

As we were ready to wrap things up at Sephora, we found this small glittery pink box containing a sample of two of the Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi-Gloss and decided to take it home with us. Inside the package came 209- Fuchsia Pink and 403- Red. Just by looking at the package, I think you can tell this lipgloss range is all about shocking and vibrant colors. The shade 209 is a fluorescent pink, the most shocking of the two, and 403 is a vivid red. Both of these colors I think would be great for summer or when going to the beach.

The first thing that caught my attention when trying them for the first time was the strength of their pigmentation. Expecting just a slight tint on my lips, I was amazed by how pigmented and colorful they were for a lipgloss. However, to achieve an intense finish, I recommend applying two coats.

Another aspect that I liked about these products was their formula. When twisting the cap to pull out the brush and use the lipgloss, you’ll notice that the lipgloss has a thick and rich consistency. When placed onto the lips, it feels quite creamy but, unlike other lipgloss, not sticky or dewy. Yet, I do see myself having some trouble if the wind blows my hair onto my face :P I guess the thickness helps concentrate the color and moisten the skin because my lips felt really nice.

Last but not least, I wanted to talk about the brush. I love that nowadays there has been new developments in the brushes and applicators department haha. You can find from more rigid and stiff types of brushes to soft and flexible ones. This product’s is very soft and glides easily through the lips. It bends without breaking apart and allows you to create thick or thin lines and fill your lips without making a mess.

Overall, I really enjoyed getting these lipgloss. I think they are of a good quality. Their unique and vibrant colors are great for creating fun looks or adding a pop of color to your go-to everyday makeup.

Let me know what you think!!

Met Gala 2016 Favorite Dresses

(Photos taken from Getty Images)

Hey guys! I was taking a break from studying and decided to check out this year’s Met Gala’s red carpet. I love looking at the different dresses and how each celebrity styles them. My mom and I enjoy evaluating each look. We ask each other questions like “would you wear that?” or “out of these, which one do you like the most?” and spend time commenting each look. It’s something fun that I like doing with her haha. Also, I think it’s a good way to check the new fashion trends and maybe get some ideas on what to wear for events/parties. Anyway, as I was looking at the photos from the event, I was inspired to write a short blogpost on my top favorite looks. Let’s begin!

(Photo taken from Getty Images by Jamie McCarthy)

Karlie Kloss

I think that out of all the dresses that I saw, my favorite was Karlie Kloss’ white cutout dress. I love Karlie’s fashion style. Not only in the way she dresses, but in her photos as well, she  looks elegant and manages to to kind of emanate that. I really liked this dress. I think that it has a nice combination of sexiness, femininity, class and elegance. It displays her fit body without looking trashy. Also, that red/burgundy lip was a great choice for the look. The only thing I would have changed is the hairdo; I would have gone for beach waves.

(Photo taken from Just Jared)

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley 

The second runner up for the night was Rosie’s greek-like white dress. Rosie is one of my favorite models. She’s always very classy and elegant, yet sexy and trendy. Looking at her photos, she reminds me that, no matter what you wear, if you wear it with confidence, it will show. She literally can have on anything and it seems like she can pull it off. I thought this dress looked pretty on her. I love the combination of two different fabrics and the metallic detail on the shoulder strap. A dress like this one, simple and sober (if that makes sense), needed to be worn with attitude, like Rosie did, or else it may have been overshadowed by other dresses in the event. 

(Photo taken from Just Jared)

Poppy Delevingne

I really, really liked this dress a lot! I love all things boho and this dress proved that you can wear this style and look elegant and formal at the same time. I like the little beaded patterns and details that must have taken such a long time to craft. I love the combination of stones, pearls, and crystals embedded in that sheer/nude fabric. Moreover, I thought her hair and makeup were perfect for this dress and complemented the whole vibe going on. I think she really stood out and, in my opinion, it was one of the most original looks of the event.

(Photo taken from Getty Images by Larry Busacca)


I don’t really like long sleeved dresses very much, but Zendaya’s golden sequin/crystal dress was the exception. I love it’s shape, very form fitted and sort of body hugging in the upper body region, but, as it reaches the floor, it becomes loose. It has a short tail, which I thought looked classy. Moreover, I thought that kind of turtleneck (haha I don’t really know how to describe it), was creative and original, like a different take on the usual long sleeved dress. Additionally, I loved her smokey eye with glossy brown lips makeup.

(Photo taken from Getty Images by James McCarthy)

Gigi Hadid

I love Gigi’s fashion style. She looks great at red carpet events and at everyday sort of occasions. This look was no disappointment. I thought her dress was different and stylish. I loved the combination of sheer blueish grey fabric with dark metallic sequins. I thought the color choice suited her blond hair and fair skin. Her makeup was a soft and very natural, which was a great match for the dress. The makeup look didn't overpower or compete with the dark tones and colors, and kind of help achieve a nice balance within the overall look.

What do you think of these looks?? Which ones were your favorites?

*Copyright disclaimer: all photos in this blogpost were not taken by me. The rights to these pictures belong to their rightful owners, credited below each photo*

Small L.A Girl Haul & Review!

Good afternoon everyone! It’s been a while since I last wrote about makeup, so I decided to sit down and get straight into it. A couple of weeks ago, a bunch of university classmates and I had to do some work in Heredia. Part of it involved walking around the area and, whilst we were working, I found this small makeup shop called “Mundo Cosm├ętico”, or something like that. I was very excited to find makeup, let alone brands that I thought couldn’t be found where I live, like L.A Girl. The next day, during our lunch break my friend and I went to the store and did a little bit of shopping. My intention at first was to only get the L.A Girl Pro Concealer HD after reading such great reviews about it, however things changed fast as I saw various products that I’ve been wanting to try at low prices. 

L.A Girl Pro Concealer HD in Toffee and Nude

One of the many trends going on right now in the beauty world is contouring, which is playing with dark and light face products to highlight and emphasize some areas of your face, while hiding others. I’ve been contouring my face with powder products, but I’ve noticed that using cream products has a sharper finish. Thus, I’ve been wanting to see what’s the deal with cream contouring. 

Toffee is a medium darkish brown concealer with an orange undertone. The trick when using this product is to apply small amounts and then build the intensity up. If you go too far and add a lot at once, it will become hard to blend out with your foundation and the orange undertone will become much more noticeable. Let’s be honest, an orange skin with red hair is not a good match :P haha. Nude, on the other hand, is a lighter shade of concealer. It has more of a pink/salmon undertone, which is great for the under eye area as it hides purple/blue patches of skin.

This concealer has a thick consistency compared to other concealers that I’ve tried. Nonetheless, it’s easy to blend, even with your fingers. I didn’t feel it had a cakey finish. My lower eyelid did not crease at all, not even when I set it with face powder. Also, it’s not greasy at all and it doesn’t have that dewy look when applied onto the skin, which is perfect because I love a matte face.

L.A Girl Pro Primer HD in White

When buying eye primers, I tend to choose shades closer to my skin tone. However, I was tempted to try this matte white primer because it’s always good to have a bit of diversity when it comes to makeup haha. A white primer helps make the eyeshadow color pop and stand out. So, after much thought and consideration, I decided to take this product with me. 

This primer is creamy and easy to blend. When I first tried it out, I applied a descent amount onto the upper eyelids and, with my fingertip, blended it all over the lids. I noticed that it’s pigmentation didn’t fade so much and it didn’t make my eyelid crease. When I placed the eyeshadow, I felt their color looked a bit stronger than the usual. Also, the primer kind of helped keep the eyeshadow onto the eyelid without having fallouts.

L.A Girl Velvet Bronzer in Goddess and Velvet Hi-Lite in Radiance 

These two products from their contour stick range really called my attention. I love their packaging and size. They’re easy to use and easy to keep in the purse without occupying much space. It’s round tip makes it easy to apply the product and draw lines. They’re very creamy and soft. It’s so soft that it’s so easy to blend without ending up with harsh lines and patches of product on your face. They have a very nice shimmery/velvet finish. It’s not too intense or pigmented, which I prefer because sometimes face products that are very strong kind of look a bit fake or obvious in my opinion. 

Radiance is a bright, white/pink highlighter. It looks very pretty and has such a nice glow. Goddess is a golden, medium toned bronzer. I think it’s prefect for achieving that nice caramel tan look during summer. 

(My mom made this very pretty bracelet!)

L.A Girl Matte Flatte Velvet Lipstick

As I was exploring the L.A Girl counter in the store, I found these pretty matte lipsticks that came in all colors, from nude to black. I love burgundy lips, so I got Runway for myself and a similar one that I can’t recall the shade for my mom (not pictured). I really like my lipstick choice even though we’re not in autumn or winter. First off, it smells great. It has a sweet vanilla scent. It’s easy to apply, creamy at first, but then tends to dry to get that matte finish. It’s very pigmented and the color is true to the product’s. It doesn’t come out as darker or lighter. In my experience, it lasted quite a long time without fading even while I had drank water. However, my mom told me that her lipstick was sort of patchy. She felt that her’s didn’t last so long and started to fade heterogeneously. Nonetheless, she liked the consistency and shade. 

That’s my review! Let me know what you think :D Have you tried this brand out??

Fast Car

(Couldn't manage to take a nice photo with my dog :P)

The other day I was driving whilst listening to the radio. “Fast Car” was been played and, I don’t know why, but as I listen to the lyrics I felt so connected to the song. These couple of years have been a challenge for me. There have been some ups and downs that have made me question myself, my capacity, my thrive, and my ability to succeed, to the point that, once in a while, I just wanted to drive away, leave everything behind, and have a fresh start. Until this year, I felt like I was labeled, place in a box that I didn’t want to be in, and what got me the most was that I felt like I couldn’t do anything about it. I felt I had failed and thought everyone around me felt the same way about myself. Thus, every so often I got the urge to just move away to a different place, a place where no one would know me, a place I would get a new beginning and build something for myself. 

As I listen to the song, I was reminded of that feeling of just wanting to drive away and find somewhere I would truly and finally feel like I belong to. However, so far this year has taught me that running away is not the solution to a problem. The answer is to face the problem itself. This 2016 I was caught up in a place where I was forced to believe in myself once again, forced to trust my instincts, forced to fight for me. I was so focused on achieving my goal that for the first time I no longer paid attention to other people. It didn’t cross my mind what people would think of me or of what I was doing. Although the fight isn’t over and I need to fix a few things, I tend to look back at these past months and my heart fills with joy. In the midst of all, life gave me reasons to smile. More than ever I felt I had people who held my hand when I needed the most. Everyday I noticed small details that helped me focus on moving on and ease my path. I’m happy and proud of myself. In a way, although this journey has kind of being painful, I wouldn’t have it any other way because I learnt to appreciate me a bit more, if that makes sense. 

The reason why I wanted to share this with you is because hopefully, in some small way, my story can inspire you to give yourself a break, to learn to love yourself a bit more, and to help trust your instincts. Although I still want to move to a different place, I now want today do so, not to escape from anything, but because it feels right and it’s something that I've wanted to do for a long time. Once I’ve moved away, I want to be able to look back and feel peace, feel like I did my thing without been afraid. 

Wedding Fun

Yesterday was a friend of mine’s wedding! I can’t really wrap my mind around the idea that a lot of my friends are getting married. I mean, it’s actually not the craziest idea. We are 20 something years old, which is the time people start getting married. However, even as time has passed by, on my mind, high school was just a couple of years ago, not 5… Time does fly by! 

I haven’t been to too many weddings. This one was the third wedding I attended, but I still have no clue as how to really dress up or what kind of gift to give, etc. Luckily my friend had a kind of wish list in a home store. I went there and bought them wine glasses and a couple of more things. I felt really old and fancy looking through the different wine glasses and choosing which ones to get haha. 

My friend’s wedding was at 2pm. Since it was kind of early, I decided to wear this long light blue dress from Mango. The fabric is soft and very summery, perfect for daytime. It has some layers. The inner one is made of a thick fabric, same color as the outer one, but thick enough so the dress wouldn’t be so see-through. The outer layer is composed of a soft and sheer fabric, which gave the dress a bit of a formal look. The dress was sort of loose fitted, a bit tight around the waist and then it loosen up. It’s straight and doesn’t have a tail. What I loved the most about the dress was it simplicity and feminine/delicate look. I really love the v shape and the silver straps. Also, I loved the small opening on the bottom right side, which added a touch of sexiness to the dress. 

As for the shoes, I decided to wear these beautiful black high hills from Nine West that I recently got on sale. I love them! I think they look sexy and elegant. The hill isn’t too tall, which makes it easy for me to walk in them and use them for a long time without my feet hurting. It has some straps around the ankles, which gives that sense of security when walking, like you don’t feel the shoe is going to fall off. 

As for the accessories, I wanted to go for a bohemian look. All of the jewelry my mom made it. She is very creative and crafty :) The night before the wedding she made the necklace specially for me to wear it the next day. I like how it contrasted with the dress and yet it didn’t overpower it. Also, I loved that most of the jewelry was made of stones, which gave that earthy vibe to the whole look.

Going with the boho vibe, I styled my hair in soft beach-like waves. For the first time in my life I curled my hair on my own. I don’t think it ended up looking so perfect like Victoria’s Secret wavy hair, but I liked how it looked haha. As for my makeup, I chose to do a soft brown smoky eye with a pop of color on the lower eyelid, and dark burgundy lips. Here are the steps for the eye look:

  • First, I primed my eyes. I used a bit of concealer and dusted some translucent powder over it. Next, once that had set, I went with Wonderer from the Tartelette Palette and applied it over my crease as a transition color. 
  • From the same palette, I applied Dreamer all over the upper eyelid. Since it’s a medium toned brown eyeshadow, I applied it carefully, little by little, until I reached the intensity I wanted.
  • Then, from the Lorac Mega Pro Palette, I took Maroon, a sparkly bronzy eyeshadow, and placed it onto the crease, just below Wonderer. I blended it very well with Wonderer to avoid any harsh lines.
  • Finally, I applied Sand form the same palette, over the middle part of the upper eyelid.
  • To add a pop of color, I used ColourPop Super Shock Eyeshadow in Drift on my lower eyelid. This eyeshadow is so pretty! It’s a shimmery vibrant, dark fuchsia.
  • As for my lips, I used ColourPop Lippie Stix in Silk, a matte and very strong burgundy lipstick. 

Once I had gotten ready for the wedding, another of my friends picked my up. We weren’t too sure where the wedding was and we couldn’t use our phones since the battery was about to run out. To make the story short, we went to two different churches before finally arriving to the correct one. Once there, with all the shame in the world for arriving late, we sat as our friend got married. She looked very happy and in love. She wore this long white strapless dress, which made her look pretty. I’m not such a huge fan tiaras or head bands, but I liked the one she was wearing. It was made of pearls I think. It was small and matched well with her dress.

Weddings are really fun. I was very excited because I got to see and spend time with other friends that I hadn’t seen in a while. It’s crazy how when I was in high school I thought that once we graduated things would remain the same and we would see each other like everyday. Yet, life gets in between and you realize that you are not in high school anymore haha. We were able to catch up and enjoy each other’s company. I had a blast dancing with them and it felt like a girl’s night out.

The wedding party ended early, like at 11 pm, which was great because I’m a bit of a grandma and love to go to sleep early. Overall, I ended the night with a smile on my face. I was happy to see others were happy and starting a new journey. Still, I feel as if it was just yesterday that I was getting ready for my first day of university. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! What's your go to look for weddings??

Much love!

Tips For Nude Lips

Although I love adding a pop of color to my makeup, I think a nude lip never goes wrong. It’s very easy to combine with other makeup products and can be worn during the day or at night. It’s perfect for an everyday makeup look or a “no makeup” makeup look. Whether you are doing a heavy eye makeup or just wearing black mascara, a nude lip works with both.

At first, when I was thinking on writing this post, I wanted to share tips and tricks to achieve big and fuller lips. However, the truth is that I was born with thin, barely-there lips, and I’m quit happy with them. If I wanted to get super big and juicy lips, I would probably need to overdraw my lips, which is a technique that I don’t usually use, I’m not really good at haha, and I don’t really like. Thus, instead, I decided to share my tips for doing a clean and natural-looking nude lip :) 

The tools:
Concealer - I use the Essence Cosmetics Stay Natural Concealer in the shade Soft Honey.

Transparent or White Lip Liner - I really wanted to find a white lip liner, but couldn’t find one, so I used my Essence Cosmetics Lip Liner in Transparent.

Your Favorite Nude Liquid Lipstick/Lipgloss - Very hard to choose, but I went for the Essence Cosmetics Matte XXXL Long-lasting Lipgloss in Soft Beige (it’s so soft and smells great!)

A lip liner of a shade darker than the lipstick’s - I love to combine this Essence lipgloss with Clinique Quickliner in the shade LipBlush


After applying and buffing the foundation all over my face, I place a bit of concealer to outline the shape of my lips. I pay special attention to my cupids bow and the middle portion of the lower lip. Then, I blend it with the foundation.

Afterwards, I overdraw my lips with the white or transparent lip liner. Together, with the concealer, help achieve a clean and defined lip shape.

Next, I line my lips with the lip liner a shade darker than the lipstick I’ll be wearing. The reason I use a shade darker is to create a shadow effect, which in a way adds depth to the lips (if that makes sense haha).

Finally, I fill my lips with my matte nude lipgloss. If it’s necessary, I blend the lipliner and lipgloss using my fingertips. 

For an extra touch and nice finish, you may apply a bit of highlighter in powder form over the cupids bow and chin.

I hope you enjoyed this very short and easy tutorial :D What tips and tricks do you have for nude lips? Which products do you use?

Much love 

Happy New Year!

Hello, everyone! Happy New Year :D I can’t believe we are now on 2016. Time flies so fast! How have you been? These past couple of weeks I haven’t being feeling like my usual self for various reasons, one of them I wanted to talk about today. 

Sometimes, among the makeup and fashion posts, I like to write about my thoughts and feelings. By doing so, I hope that I inspire you in some way or another and that we can help out each other in moments like this. Well, the last few days I’ve reached a major obstacle in my life, one that I didn’t see coming. Compared to so many things going on in the world, it might not be as big, but it is important to me. I’ll explain.

Have you ever wanted something so bad? For me, I’ve always wanted to succeed in my career. This journey, all these years studying, have being a big challenge, but I tried to work it out day by day. No matter how hard things got, I just reminded myself of how close I was to reach the end. Yet, as I was supposed to reach my final year of school, life happened or maybe it was all me, but it turns out that I may have to delay that for one more year. It really hit me hard, as I thought it was almost over and then I would get my fresh start at another university continuing my studies. Here, I feel that I have constantly failed at something and that I haven’t had the chance to prove that I’ve got skills, that I can do things as well. I feel like I’ve been labeled and that there’s little I can do to change that. Thus, I wanted to move to a new place and have a clean start. I wanted to have more opportunities than the ones that I have right now.

All I could think of was, why me and why now? It felt like the universe was against me out of no reason. I was angry at myself and angry at life, but at the same time I felt selfish because even in this situation, I had other aspects of my life to be thankful for, aspects that I consider myself lucky to have. Was it right to be so angry and so sad? I gave myself two weeks to dwell upon my sadness and then chose to stand up and keep on walking. Depending on your beliefs, you get one chance in life and it’s up to us to make the best out of it. If life is not going my way, I chose to not care. I chose to prove to everyone and myself, that no matter what I still can be the best person I want to be, I can do the things I believe I’m capable of doing. If at the end I have to wait two years instead of one to graduate, then I’ll fight. I’ll work until I reach my dreams and goals. I guess what I’m trying to say is that don’t let others determine your path and future, your fate. It’s you who has a saying. It’s you who decides which way you’ll go, even if thing don’t go as planned. 

Here is to a new year, to a year of being yourself, of not letting others change what you want to do and who you want to become :)