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Happy New Year!

Hello, everyone! Happy New Year :D I can’t believe we are now on 2016. Time flies so fast! How have you been? These past couple of weeks I haven’t being feeling like my usual self for various reasons, one of them I wanted to talk about today. 

Sometimes, among the makeup and fashion posts, I like to write about my thoughts and feelings. By doing so, I hope that I inspire you in some way or another and that we can help out each other in moments like this. Well, the last few days I’ve reached a major obstacle in my life, one that I didn’t see coming. Compared to so many things going on in the world, it might not be as big, but it is important to me. I’ll explain.

Have you ever wanted something so bad? For me, I’ve always wanted to succeed in my career. This journey, all these years studying, have being a big challenge, but I tried to work it out day by day. No matter how hard things got, I just reminded myself of how close I was to reach the end. Yet, as I was supposed to reach my final year of school, life happened or maybe it was all me, but it turns out that I may have to delay that for one more year. It really hit me hard, as I thought it was almost over and then I would get my fresh start at another university continuing my studies. Here, I feel that I have constantly failed at something and that I haven’t had the chance to prove that I’ve got skills, that I can do things as well. I feel like I’ve been labeled and that there’s little I can do to change that. Thus, I wanted to move to a new place and have a clean start. I wanted to have more opportunities than the ones that I have right now.

All I could think of was, why me and why now? It felt like the universe was against me out of no reason. I was angry at myself and angry at life, but at the same time I felt selfish because even in this situation, I had other aspects of my life to be thankful for, aspects that I consider myself lucky to have. Was it right to be so angry and so sad? I gave myself two weeks to dwell upon my sadness and then chose to stand up and keep on walking. Depending on your beliefs, you get one chance in life and it’s up to us to make the best out of it. If life is not going my way, I chose to not care. I chose to prove to everyone and myself, that no matter what I still can be the best person I want to be, I can do the things I believe I’m capable of doing. If at the end I have to wait two years instead of one to graduate, then I’ll fight. I’ll work until I reach my dreams and goals. I guess what I’m trying to say is that don’t let others determine your path and future, your fate. It’s you who has a saying. It’s you who decides which way you’ll go, even if thing don’t go as planned. 

Here is to a new year, to a year of being yourself, of not letting others change what you want to do and who you want to become :) 

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