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Tips For Nude Lips

Although I love adding a pop of color to my makeup, I think a nude lip never goes wrong. It’s very easy to combine with other makeup products and can be worn during the day or at night. It’s perfect for an everyday makeup look or a “no makeup” makeup look. Whether you are doing a heavy eye makeup or just wearing black mascara, a nude lip works with both.

At first, when I was thinking on writing this post, I wanted to share tips and tricks to achieve big and fuller lips. However, the truth is that I was born with thin, barely-there lips, and I’m quit happy with them. If I wanted to get super big and juicy lips, I would probably need to overdraw my lips, which is a technique that I don’t usually use, I’m not really good at haha, and I don’t really like. Thus, instead, I decided to share my tips for doing a clean and natural-looking nude lip :) 

The tools:
Concealer - I use the Essence Cosmetics Stay Natural Concealer in the shade Soft Honey.

Transparent or White Lip Liner - I really wanted to find a white lip liner, but couldn’t find one, so I used my Essence Cosmetics Lip Liner in Transparent.

Your Favorite Nude Liquid Lipstick/Lipgloss - Very hard to choose, but I went for the Essence Cosmetics Matte XXXL Long-lasting Lipgloss in Soft Beige (it’s so soft and smells great!)

A lip liner of a shade darker than the lipstick’s - I love to combine this Essence lipgloss with Clinique Quickliner in the shade LipBlush


After applying and buffing the foundation all over my face, I place a bit of concealer to outline the shape of my lips. I pay special attention to my cupids bow and the middle portion of the lower lip. Then, I blend it with the foundation.

Afterwards, I overdraw my lips with the white or transparent lip liner. Together, with the concealer, help achieve a clean and defined lip shape.

Next, I line my lips with the lip liner a shade darker than the lipstick I’ll be wearing. The reason I use a shade darker is to create a shadow effect, which in a way adds depth to the lips (if that makes sense haha).

Finally, I fill my lips with my matte nude lipgloss. If it’s necessary, I blend the lipliner and lipgloss using my fingertips. 

For an extra touch and nice finish, you may apply a bit of highlighter in powder form over the cupids bow and chin.

I hope you enjoyed this very short and easy tutorial :D What tips and tricks do you have for nude lips? Which products do you use?

Much love 

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