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Wedding Fun

Yesterday was a friend of mine’s wedding! I can’t really wrap my mind around the idea that a lot of my friends are getting married. I mean, it’s actually not the craziest idea. We are 20 something years old, which is the time people start getting married. However, even as time has passed by, on my mind, high school was just a couple of years ago, not 5… Time does fly by! 

I haven’t been to too many weddings. This one was the third wedding I attended, but I still have no clue as how to really dress up or what kind of gift to give, etc. Luckily my friend had a kind of wish list in a home store. I went there and bought them wine glasses and a couple of more things. I felt really old and fancy looking through the different wine glasses and choosing which ones to get haha. 

My friend’s wedding was at 2pm. Since it was kind of early, I decided to wear this long light blue dress from Mango. The fabric is soft and very summery, perfect for daytime. It has some layers. The inner one is made of a thick fabric, same color as the outer one, but thick enough so the dress wouldn’t be so see-through. The outer layer is composed of a soft and sheer fabric, which gave the dress a bit of a formal look. The dress was sort of loose fitted, a bit tight around the waist and then it loosen up. It’s straight and doesn’t have a tail. What I loved the most about the dress was it simplicity and feminine/delicate look. I really love the v shape and the silver straps. Also, I loved the small opening on the bottom right side, which added a touch of sexiness to the dress. 

As for the shoes, I decided to wear these beautiful black high hills from Nine West that I recently got on sale. I love them! I think they look sexy and elegant. The hill isn’t too tall, which makes it easy for me to walk in them and use them for a long time without my feet hurting. It has some straps around the ankles, which gives that sense of security when walking, like you don’t feel the shoe is going to fall off. 

As for the accessories, I wanted to go for a bohemian look. All of the jewelry my mom made it. She is very creative and crafty :) The night before the wedding she made the necklace specially for me to wear it the next day. I like how it contrasted with the dress and yet it didn’t overpower it. Also, I loved that most of the jewelry was made of stones, which gave that earthy vibe to the whole look.

Going with the boho vibe, I styled my hair in soft beach-like waves. For the first time in my life I curled my hair on my own. I don’t think it ended up looking so perfect like Victoria’s Secret wavy hair, but I liked how it looked haha. As for my makeup, I chose to do a soft brown smoky eye with a pop of color on the lower eyelid, and dark burgundy lips. Here are the steps for the eye look:

  • First, I primed my eyes. I used a bit of concealer and dusted some translucent powder over it. Next, once that had set, I went with Wonderer from the Tartelette Palette and applied it over my crease as a transition color. 
  • From the same palette, I applied Dreamer all over the upper eyelid. Since it’s a medium toned brown eyeshadow, I applied it carefully, little by little, until I reached the intensity I wanted.
  • Then, from the Lorac Mega Pro Palette, I took Maroon, a sparkly bronzy eyeshadow, and placed it onto the crease, just below Wonderer. I blended it very well with Wonderer to avoid any harsh lines.
  • Finally, I applied Sand form the same palette, over the middle part of the upper eyelid.
  • To add a pop of color, I used ColourPop Super Shock Eyeshadow in Drift on my lower eyelid. This eyeshadow is so pretty! It’s a shimmery vibrant, dark fuchsia.
  • As for my lips, I used ColourPop Lippie Stix in Silk, a matte and very strong burgundy lipstick. 

Once I had gotten ready for the wedding, another of my friends picked my up. We weren’t too sure where the wedding was and we couldn’t use our phones since the battery was about to run out. To make the story short, we went to two different churches before finally arriving to the correct one. Once there, with all the shame in the world for arriving late, we sat as our friend got married. She looked very happy and in love. She wore this long white strapless dress, which made her look pretty. I’m not such a huge fan tiaras or head bands, but I liked the one she was wearing. It was made of pearls I think. It was small and matched well with her dress.

Weddings are really fun. I was very excited because I got to see and spend time with other friends that I hadn’t seen in a while. It’s crazy how when I was in high school I thought that once we graduated things would remain the same and we would see each other like everyday. Yet, life gets in between and you realize that you are not in high school anymore haha. We were able to catch up and enjoy each other’s company. I had a blast dancing with them and it felt like a girl’s night out.

The wedding party ended early, like at 11 pm, which was great because I’m a bit of a grandma and love to go to sleep early. Overall, I ended the night with a smile on my face. I was happy to see others were happy and starting a new journey. Still, I feel as if it was just yesterday that I was getting ready for my first day of university. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! What's your go to look for weddings??

Much love!

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