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Small L.A Girl Haul & Review!

Good afternoon everyone! It’s been a while since I last wrote about makeup, so I decided to sit down and get straight into it. A couple of weeks ago, a bunch of university classmates and I had to do some work in Heredia. Part of it involved walking around the area and, whilst we were working, I found this small makeup shop called “Mundo Cosm├ętico”, or something like that. I was very excited to find makeup, let alone brands that I thought couldn’t be found where I live, like L.A Girl. The next day, during our lunch break my friend and I went to the store and did a little bit of shopping. My intention at first was to only get the L.A Girl Pro Concealer HD after reading such great reviews about it, however things changed fast as I saw various products that I’ve been wanting to try at low prices. 

L.A Girl Pro Concealer HD in Toffee and Nude

One of the many trends going on right now in the beauty world is contouring, which is playing with dark and light face products to highlight and emphasize some areas of your face, while hiding others. I’ve been contouring my face with powder products, but I’ve noticed that using cream products has a sharper finish. Thus, I’ve been wanting to see what’s the deal with cream contouring. 

Toffee is a medium darkish brown concealer with an orange undertone. The trick when using this product is to apply small amounts and then build the intensity up. If you go too far and add a lot at once, it will become hard to blend out with your foundation and the orange undertone will become much more noticeable. Let’s be honest, an orange skin with red hair is not a good match :P haha. Nude, on the other hand, is a lighter shade of concealer. It has more of a pink/salmon undertone, which is great for the under eye area as it hides purple/blue patches of skin.

This concealer has a thick consistency compared to other concealers that I’ve tried. Nonetheless, it’s easy to blend, even with your fingers. I didn’t feel it had a cakey finish. My lower eyelid did not crease at all, not even when I set it with face powder. Also, it’s not greasy at all and it doesn’t have that dewy look when applied onto the skin, which is perfect because I love a matte face.

L.A Girl Pro Primer HD in White

When buying eye primers, I tend to choose shades closer to my skin tone. However, I was tempted to try this matte white primer because it’s always good to have a bit of diversity when it comes to makeup haha. A white primer helps make the eyeshadow color pop and stand out. So, after much thought and consideration, I decided to take this product with me. 

This primer is creamy and easy to blend. When I first tried it out, I applied a descent amount onto the upper eyelids and, with my fingertip, blended it all over the lids. I noticed that it’s pigmentation didn’t fade so much and it didn’t make my eyelid crease. When I placed the eyeshadow, I felt their color looked a bit stronger than the usual. Also, the primer kind of helped keep the eyeshadow onto the eyelid without having fallouts.

L.A Girl Velvet Bronzer in Goddess and Velvet Hi-Lite in Radiance 

These two products from their contour stick range really called my attention. I love their packaging and size. They’re easy to use and easy to keep in the purse without occupying much space. It’s round tip makes it easy to apply the product and draw lines. They’re very creamy and soft. It’s so soft that it’s so easy to blend without ending up with harsh lines and patches of product on your face. They have a very nice shimmery/velvet finish. It’s not too intense or pigmented, which I prefer because sometimes face products that are very strong kind of look a bit fake or obvious in my opinion. 

Radiance is a bright, white/pink highlighter. It looks very pretty and has such a nice glow. Goddess is a golden, medium toned bronzer. I think it’s prefect for achieving that nice caramel tan look during summer. 

(My mom made this very pretty bracelet!)

L.A Girl Matte Flatte Velvet Lipstick

As I was exploring the L.A Girl counter in the store, I found these pretty matte lipsticks that came in all colors, from nude to black. I love burgundy lips, so I got Runway for myself and a similar one that I can’t recall the shade for my mom (not pictured). I really like my lipstick choice even though we’re not in autumn or winter. First off, it smells great. It has a sweet vanilla scent. It’s easy to apply, creamy at first, but then tends to dry to get that matte finish. It’s very pigmented and the color is true to the product’s. It doesn’t come out as darker or lighter. In my experience, it lasted quite a long time without fading even while I had drank water. However, my mom told me that her lipstick was sort of patchy. She felt that her’s didn’t last so long and started to fade heterogeneously. Nonetheless, she liked the consistency and shade. 

That’s my review! Let me know what you think :D Have you tried this brand out??

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