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Looking Back At 2016

It’s been quite a long time since the last time I posted something. The truth is that I’ve been crazy busy with university, wrapping up the last year of my career, that I kind of left blogging aside. It’s kind of weird to think that I’m only missing two more months of classes and then I’ll graduate. To think that all these years I’ve been imagining what my last year would be like, and now this is it, the moment that I’ve been waiting for. 

Looking back at 2016, I have to say it was a hard year for me but, at the same time, a year in which I couldn’t be more proud of myself. It was nothing like what I had planned and imagined, which took me by surprise. I felt so unarmed, so unprepared for the challenges that I had to face. Yet, it was a nice reminder that life’s like that, unpredictable. 

During the times I felt I couldn’t continue, when I doubted myself, when I felt I wasn’t good enough, I found deep in my heart the energy and strength to fight for what I wanted. When everything felt too much, I found amazing people by my side that encouraged me to continue walking.

2016 was all about not letting anyone or anything define you as a person. I realize that if your truly believe in something, and you truly want it, you can get it. Therefore, I placed my insecurities aside, and didn’t let my failures define what I’m capable of doing. After a whirlwind year, a year of ups and downs, 2016 ended with a bright note. I was granted a great opportunity that made all the fight worth it.

The reason that I’m sharing all of this is to encourage anyone that is or has been in the same situation that I was. If you want it, you CAN do it, you CAN get it, you CAN succeed, and don’t forget that. Sometimes life doesn’t go the way you want it, but it’s for a reason and I believe it’s for something greater and better.

Here is to a new year, to new adventures, to new experiences, to getting to know yourself, to finding your path, to fighting for what you want!