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Late Christmas Makeup Haul

I understand you may feel a bit confused over the title of this post haha. I know it’s April and not December, but last year I didn’t have the time to share with you plenty of makeup and beauty products that I was able to get my hands on. Thus, I plan on spending more time writing this year, and what better time to start than right now.

Every Christmas, makeup and beauty companies release limited edition products specially made for that time of the year. I personally like it because it builds up the holiday spirit, not that Christmas is all about spending money haha. Anyway, knowing that I enjoy makeup and have this blog, my boyfriend was kind enough to give me as a Christmas present a few bits and pieces that I’ll be talking about later on in this blogpost. More than been very happy with my gift, to be honest it warms my heart and I’m far more grateful for his continuous love and support. The best gift of all is to be able to have such wonderful people with me. 

Without further ado, here are my thoughts on the following limited edition holiday eyeshadow palettes:

Bare Minerals- The Wish List

The name of the palette is very Christmasy in itself. It reminded me of my childhood. In some places it’s a holiday tradition for children to write a list of gifts to Santa Clause that they would like, a “wish list” or Christmas list. The packaging is simple and elegant. The brand chose a black background with the name written and fireworks (or maybe snowflakes?) drawn in golden. 

This palette contains twelve eyeshadows: five matte and seven shimmery. What I love the most is the color scheme: warm neutral/brown shades. Not only I tend to use such colors very often when doing my makeup, but these are what most girls use during the holiday season. There is not one shade in this palette that I wouldn’t use and, I even dare say, that wouldn’t look nice on anyone. All eyeshadows work well with each other when matching for creating an eye look. Daydream, Come True, and Granted can be used in the crease as transitional colors, whereas Good Spirits and Boardroom are handy for creating depth. Merry, Chance, and Bubbles can work as highlights. Bling, Gold Leaf, Yes Please, and Stiletto would look great in the lid area.

This was the first palette I used and instantly fell in love. The eyeshadows are very pigmented and easy to blend. According to Bare Minerals, they can last up to twelve hours. I used this product for an evening event and, although the event didn’t last twelve hours, my makeup was on its place throughout the whole time.

Plus points: it has a great mirror.

Favorite eyeshadow: Stilleto, a warm shimmery burgundy color

Tarte- Color Vibes Amazonian Clay Palette

This palette’s package is kind of artsy with a psychedelic edge, which is very nice. It’s made with different tones of purple and a golden strip that cuts everything into different shapes. Once opened, two aspects stand out the most. The first is the huge mirror that is perfect when doing your makeup. The second aspect is that it contains twenty, I repeat twenty, eyeshadows. 

The color scheme for this palette is within the neutral range: from different beige/sand tones, to peach, browns, gold, and copper. Additionally, you get a pop of blue, purple, and turquoise to add a bit more color into your eye look. When I come to think about it, the color scheme in this product reminds me of the beach haha, I don’t know why.

The good thing about this product is that it mixes matte and shimmery eyeshadows, as the previous palette I mentioned. As for the quality, I haven’t really tried all the eyeshadows, but a few. My first impression was that they were nicely pigmented, buildable, easy to blend and true to the product’s color. However, after a couple of hours, I did find some smudging and fallout.

Favorite eyeshadow: on the Monet, which is a shimmery copper shade, and pop art princess, shimmery rose peach color.

Too Faced- Christmas in New York: Grande Hotel Cafe 

Last, but not least, I present you the most Christmasy palette of the three. In 2015 Too Faced launched a Christmas theme collection of different makeup products. Out of the different options they had, I got the eyeshadow palette, Le Grand Chateau. Last year, Too Faced continued with the same tradition and launched Christmas in New York: Grande Hotel Cafe, similar to the previous one, but with a twist. 

The first aspect to mention is the packaging. You can really tell an effort was made when working on this collection, from the house shaped package, to the drawings and details of the hotel cafe decorations. After opening the hotel “doors” you find packed inside three mini palettes and a small size of one of their most popular mascaras, the Better Than Sex mascara. Different from 2015’s collection, each mini palette has a sweet Christmas scent to fill your room’s air with the holiday’s spirit haha. Moreover, each mini palette is designed to be either kept together as part of a collection, or to be shared individually with your friends as gifts. 

Altogether, there are 18 eyeshadows within this product, matte and shimmery types. Also, as part of the collection, you get 2 blushes and one bronzer. Last year’s color scheme was more based upon earthy and warm colors, which I tend to use more. I love that it included different and vibrant options to add to the holiday look such as raspberry, dark green, blue, and orange copper shades. The 2 blushes are both matte. One of them is a very pretty peach color, which I think I’ll be using more often, and the other one is a bright and very feminine pink. 

I have yet to try these eyeshadows, but from a quick inspection they are very pigmented and easy to blend. I can’t tell yet if they are long-lasting or if there’s fallout or fading after applying them. However, 2015’s palette was of a great quality and I enjoyed using it.

Plus points: you get other makeup products besides the eyeshadows

Favorite eyeshadow: Coffee Chip, similar to Urban Decay’s Naked 1 Horseshoe eyeshadow, is a burnt dark brown shade. 

Favorite mini palette: Eggnog Late

Thanks for joining me today!

Let me know what you think!