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Preparing Your Dog For Summer

If you’ve had the pleasure of growing up with pets around you, you’ll know that they quickly become part of the family. And, like with any family member, it’s important to take care of them. Both my puppies (and by puppies I mean grown up dogs haha) live inside the house, yet they spend most of the day outside. Therefore, whenever there’s a season change coming up, I like to be prepared. In conjunction with PuppySpot, here are a few tips for getting you dog ready for the summer!

Brushes come in handy

As seasons change, a dog’s fur does as well. You’ll start noticing that your dog starts shedding more and more. Usually, as a normal mechanism to lose the thick coat that was formed to cope with colder times. This becomes a big issue if your pet lives in the house, as you’ll find pieces of fur all over the floor, carpets, clothes, you name it. If not well taken care of, you’ll find yourself in a furry mess, specially if you suffer from allergies like me. What has worked in my case is daily brushing. This comes in handy when dealing with my Labrador more than with my American Stafford because of my Lab’s longer fur. I make sure I brush them really well every morning to get rid of the majority of loose fur. Plus, on the bright side, your dog will have a healthier and shiny looking coat.

Water is never enough

Once wintertime is over, specially after rainy season in Costa Rica, I find that my dogs tend to became much more active. They enjoy spending more time outside playing and running wild. Moreover, during summer people prefer going for walks with their pets or trips to the beach with the whole family, dogs included. Thus, it’s important to remember that as your dog’s energy and exercise increases, so does their water intake. I make sure that there’s always a fresh bowl of water available for my dogs. If we go for a walk, I usually pack two bottles of water, one for me and the other one for them. Additionally, if the day is too hot, I like to add ice cubes to their water bowl. My Labrador love submerging her face in the bowl to fish the ice cubes.

Health is important

During summertime many dog owners love taking their pets out to parks where they might encounter other dogs. As your pets spend time outside, they are in close contact with nature and certain bugs. Usually it’s nothing to worry about, but I ensure that my dogs are up to date with their vaccines to maintain them healthy.  Also, I like to do a quick check up and make sure they don’t have any fleas or ticks.

If you'd like to know more, PuppySpot has a lot of handy tips and tricks for preparing your dog for the summer that might interest you.

If you have a Lab like me, or want one, here is some useful information about this wonderful breed:

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Let me know your tips for preparing your dogs for summer!