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Model’s Own: First Impression

A few month’s ago, while I was walking around the mall, I noticed that a new makeup kiosk was going to open. I was very curious and my attention was completely drawn to the interesting store’s design and bottle- like structure. I didn’t know about the brand before, thus I couldn’t wait to try it. Once it opened, I found myself focused on other issues and couldn’t save up to buy some products. Finally, about 3 weeks ago I was able pop in the store and take a look.

Model’s Own is a new British makeup line that describe themselves as trendy and fashionable, interested in allowing their costumers to experience a makeup world without any rules or limits, letting their creativity free. They have a wide range of products, from the basics such as eyeshadows, foundation, concealer, lipsticks, to nail polishes, brushes, highlighters, brow kits, glitter, primers, etc.

As I set foot on the store, I dove right into the makeup section, ignoring all the pretty nail polishes, brushes, and other accessories. Makeup always wights more than nail products on my balance haha. Everything looked very appealing and interesting. The first thing I did was to swatch a couple of eyeshadows. These are sold as single products or in a palette. Their formula reminded me of ColourPop’s Super Shock Shadows, very creamy to the touch but powdery once applied onto the lids. These are definitely the next to buy on my list, however I wanted to get a lipstick rather than an eyeshadow since I tend to use it more often. 

There are different types of lipsticks sold at this store, form velvets, to mattes, to just shines. I decided to go for a matte finish and, since I was in an autumnal spirt, I chose a burgundy red color (shade: My Secret). The Luxestick Matte Lipstick comes, as all products from this brand, in a colorful bright package, but the actual lipstick is packed in a metallic container. Once opened, it has a nice and noticeable vanilla scent. It’s very creamy when applied onto the lips, yet it does achieve a non drying matte finish. So far, I’ve used this lipstick about 5 times. I’ve tested it against obstacles such as drinking and eating and found that it can be quit long-lasting. Even while fading, it leaves a nice reddish tint on the lips. Moreover, this product is very pigmented. With one or two coats it can easily achieved an intense look. 

The next product I decided to try out was their I-Definer Liquid Eyeliner in the color Black. I don’t often use a liquid liner because I feel more comfortable working with a gel one. However, my mom loves liquid eyeliners and at that time she had run out of her usual one, so I got her this one as a gift. According to the packaging, this product can define and contour the eye. It has a thin felt tip brush, which allows for a more precise drawing. Depending on the amount of weight or force you place when applying the eyeliner, you can draw a faint/intense thick/thin line. Additionally, this eyeliner has a matte finish rather than most liquid liners which have a velvet shine. One issue that my mom struggles with most eye products is that they tend to fade or fall onto the lower eyelid after awhile because of her skin type. With this eyeliner she didn’t experience that at all. According to her it was long lasting and it didn’t fade or crease. I’ve used this product/stole it from my mom a couple of times. I felt comfortable drawing my winged line and didn’t face as much difficulties as I was afraid I would do so.

To kind of show you how these products look like, I came up with a this makeup look:

Other product that caught my eye in the store was their bronzing powder. I did a quick swatch in my arm and really liked it. It has a nice creamy feel when placing it onto the skin. I think it would look great at nighttime or at the beach because of it’s shimmery finish. Moreover, I loved the different colors.

Overall, in all honesty I liked Model’s Own. It’s an affordable makeup line that has a wide variety of products. The quality of the products I tried was great in general, not just for their price. All in all, it made me want to try out more of what they offer. Finally, I think it’s suitable for any makeup lover who wants to play with makeup without making their wallet suffer so much. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what you think!

If you live in Costa Rica, you can find the store in Multiplaza del Oeste y City Mall de Alajuela.

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