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Urban Decay Born To Run Palette Review

Hey, everyone!

It seems that Urban Decay’s new motto is: in with the new and out with the old. Last week, I saw in their Instagram account that they will no longer produce the Naked I palette, but are currently selling it until they run out of stock. It really shook me since it holds a dear place in my heart. It was the first eyeshadow palette that I ever bought. I enjoyed creating and experimenting with it. I loved the color scheme, the formula, the different finishes, the pigmentation, everything. Even today, after trying out other palettes, my perception about it hasn’t changed. It’s amongst my favorites. 

Nonetheless, while the Naked I palette is going away, Urban Decay is releasing many new and exciting makeup. A couple of months ago, they came out with the Born To Run range, which includes an eyeshadow palette, three lipsticks, and a setting spray. I was able to get my hands on the palette, as it really called my attention.

Unlike any palette previously released by this brand, the Born To Run palette comes with 21 eyeshadows, making it the palette with more eyeshadows than any other. It retails for $49, while the Naked palettes cost $54 each (and each contain 12 eyeshadows).

This product comes in a simple sleek black box. The brand logo and the name of the palette can be observed in the front. On the back part, there’s a short description of the product and the name of each eyeshadow. Once you open it, you get the palette itself and nothing else. 

The palette on the outside is decorated with photos from different places around the world, which goes hand in hand with theme of the whole collection: travel friendly must have makeup. I really liked the packaging. I thought it was fun, bright and creative. Maybe it’s just me, but the photos sort of make you want to travel and get to know to different places. Also, the palette comes with some stickers that you can use to decorate it your own way, but I like it as it is.

This palette is not meant to be carried in a purse, but rather in a suitcase. It’s not a huge product that can be tricky to pack. It’s a little bit bigger than the average size palette and it’s not too heavy. Also, the palette comes with a nice big mirror, perfect for doing your makeup anywhere. It’s very handy as it covers the need to take a mirror with you when traveling. It’s big enough for you to do your makeup comfortably. Moreover, the mirror can be folded out of the way in case you don’t want to use it, which is very nifty.

As mentioned before, the palette comes with 21 eyeshadows, which is a lot. I feel that you get a descent amount of each shade, specially for a palette that contains that number of eyeshadows. The color choice in the palette is excellent. There are warm tones and cools tones. You get highlighting shades, neutrals shades and pops of colors. Also, there are different types of eyeshadows: metallic, matte, and velvet. All in all, I think this palette is very complete. It’s good not only for traveling, as one day you might want a neutral, classic look, and other day you may be feeling more adventurous and may want to use the more vibrant and colorful shades, but also a good piece for your makeup collection.

(Here is a makeup look that I came up using this palette, just to show you how the eyeshadows look like when applied)

Overall, the formula of each eyeshadow is very good. There is very little kickback when dipping the brush into the eyeshadow. They are easy to blend and none of them have been patchy. While all the metallic, velvet, and most matte shades are very pigmented, a few of the matte eyeshadows (Still Shot and Weekender) are not as intense, but are definitely buildable and can achieve strong pigmentation. According to Urban Decay, you can wet them to get a more intense finish. I have yet to try them out using an eye primer to see if there is any difference, because I usually use concealer instead as a primer. My favorite shades are: Baja, Accelerate, Ignite, Double Life, and Radio. 

To finalize this lengthy review, I do recommend this product if you are looking for a good palette with an acceptable wide range of colors and finishes and at a descent price. The only thing that is missing is a brush, but I'm fine without one. I guess the reason they didn’t include one is to save space to be able to include 21 eyeshadows and to make it less expensive.

Have you tried this palette? What are your thoughts on the Urban Decay getting rid of the Naked I palette?

Let mw know what you think!

May Favorites!

First off, I’m sorry I’ve been missing in action for some time. To be completely honest with you, I needed some time off to get inspired into writing again. There are times when I’m not too sure about the content I’m producing and if you are going to like it. This blog is the space where I express myself and share with you some of things that I like. By doing so, I hope to create a community of people that share their passions and learn from each other. 

With that being said and changing the subject a little bit, today I wanted to share with you some of the products I’ve been using lately. Enjoy!

Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Happiness Body Lotion

I constantly struggle with dry skin and, to be honest, it wouldn’t be such a hassle if I wasn’t that lazy when it comes to applying body lotion. I love creams, but with time I tend to forget about them. I guess I don’t have such a strong habit of moisturizing my body. 

Things have changed a little bit ever since I started using Bath & Body Works’ Aromatherapy Happiness Body Lotion. I’m not very knowledgable in aromatherapy, nor do I really know for sure that it works. However, there are people that claim that certain scents can trigger emotions. This lotion contains Bergamot and Mandarin essential oils. Some of their beneficial uses include would healing and relaxation, but from the name of this product, I’m guessing that it can lift up your mood as well.

The lotion is creamy and easy to absorb. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy or icky. Also, it has a strong citrus scent. I quite enjoy its smell, but my boyfriend says it’s too strong. I did notice that there’s a lingering scent that can last for about whole day. 

The size of my lotion is the small one. It’s very practical because it fits in my purse and I can carry it with me. It’s as simple as when I notice my arms are dry, I can get the lotion out and apply it right away. 

Wild Costa Rica Vanilla Coffee Body Scrub and Vanilla Honey Lip Scrub

While supporting national brands, I wanted to include a couple of products from Wild Costa Rica that a friend of mine gave them to me as a gift (¡muchas gracias Dani!). I was reading a little bit about this artisanal brand and found that they base their products on natural ingredients such as coconut oil, fruit extract, honey, and more. They mainly focus on beauty, selling exfoliants, body oils, and most recently a body glow bronzer oil.

I’ve been using these two products for some months now and I really like them. The Vanilla Coffee Body Scrub is the best. For me, anything that has coffee as part of it’s formula is excellent. I love coffee, not only because it keeps me awake and tastes delicious, but I find that its scent is relaxing. This scrub contains grained coffee, sugar, and I think that coconut oil as well. I’ve been using this as part of my waxing routine to help maintain my skin healthy and to avoid folliculitis. I find that working with damp hands has better results because it kind of keeps the product in your hand and allows you to work it onto the skin without much fall out. Also, as I rub the scrub onto my legs, the coffee releases its natural oil. Mixed with the coconut oil, both leave my skin feeling soft and moisturized. The coffee and sugar get rid of any dead skin cells.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had dry lips. I never really thought much about a lip scrub and how it would help me out with this issue, up until I tried the Vanilla Honey Scrub. I don’t exfoliate my lips that often because I remember someone telling me that exfoliating the skin so much can be harmful rather than beneficial. I tried to do it once or twice a week, preferably before bedtime so that I can apply a lip balm and go to sleep. The results: softer lips. The scrub smells very nice and it tastes well, although I don’t really recommend eating it haha. 

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream

These past weeks I’ve been focusing more on skincare and beauty. Here in Costa Rica the weather has been all sorts of crazy. We’ve had very sunny mornings and rainy afternoons. These abrupt changes in weather eventually take a toll on your skin, which is why I’ve been trying to prevent dry skin and sun lesions. 

Kiehl’s is one of my favorite beauty brands. I find that their products work really well on my skin. Thus, as I started noticing my skin was looking dull and dry, I seek aid by using their Ultra Facial Cream. This product is amazing. It’s unbelievably soft and creamy. When applied, it feels soothing. It doesn’t leave your skin oily or dewy, but rather smooth. It gets absorbed quickly and evenly. With regular and daily use for the past four months, I’ve noticed that my skin has become more hydrated. The lines on my skin are less deep and noticeable, but I would be laying if I told you they were gone. Moreover, I found out that they come out with a new version of this cream but with sunscreen. 

Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless Foundation

The Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless Foundation is one of my go-to foundations, and has been for some time. Lately, I’ve been into natural and minimal makeup for my day-to-day look. I’ve found myself going back to this foundation mainly because of it’s formula and finish. 

The Matte + Poreless version fo this product is the one I prefer. I love a matte face and this foundation really delivers that. Its soft and lightweight formula allows for an easy application and blend. Whether I use a brush or a beauty sponge, I find that there isn’t much of a difference. I haven’t gotten patchy skin or notice problems when blending. 

I think this foundation has a medium coverage. You can build it up to get something near a full coverage by applying more coats. For a natural look, I’ve been applying only one coat. It gives me a nice coverage and an even skin tone throughout most of the day. The finish isn’t a drying matte, but a silky or velvet matte face, which I like. I don’t recommend setting this product with powder because I find that by doing so, I got a cakey face. 

Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner

When it comes to eyeliner, I have always been on the gel eyeliner team. It could be because I learnt to draw my wing with one, but also because I find that it’s easier to work with. I have a hard time using liquid eyeliners because they are less forgiving than a gel one. However, ever since I found the Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner, my perception about this type of eyeliner has changed a little bit. 

This product comes with a small tip that allows you to draw very thin lines and then work your way to get a thick wing without much trouble. Since it’s shaped like a pen, it’s easy to get the hung of doing your eye-line with it. After a couple of tries, I find that I got faster drawing a wing this way, which is why I’ve been using this product more often. This eyeliner has a matte finish. It doesn’t fade or smudge onto the eyelids and can last for many hours. It’s not water resistant nor it’s hard to remove.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Which products have you been using lately?

Spring Has Sprung

In life, there are people that love warm weather, the sun, going to the beach, getting a tan, and being outdoors. On the other hand, there are others that enjoy the colder days, the snow, drinking some hot chocolate, and wearing warm clothes. The truth is each season has something special about it. 

I know in some countries spring has finally arrived. I love spring! It’s not too cold, but not too hot. You can get away with wearing lighter clothes, but can’t quite get rid of sweaters. No matter the season, I’m such a sweater girl haha. Also, it’s the time to rock beautiful pastel colors, pink, orange, white, lila, and even red. 

In this time of the year, I tend to go for a much simple and fresh makeup look. I love a creating glowy skin by applying moisturizer to my regular foundation. On my day to day, I prefer a low to medium coverage foundation to get that natural look. I try to not get too crazy with the eye makeup and keep it to the minimal. I usually just apply mascara and that’s it, but if I want to go that extra mile, I’ll use beige, light brown, or mauve eyeshadows. My favorite part is the lipstick. I love wearing rose pink, orange, or nude colors.

During this season, I love spending time outside. It’s nice getting to see everything turning green again, flowers blossoming, plants growing. It feels like things are waking up from a long nap. The whole environment smells fresh.

(The two photos above  © The Honest Company)

For sport fans, spring means the start of the baseball season. Not only it’s a chance to support your favorite team, but an opportunity to get together with your friends and family. For sports and non sports fans, like myself, I found something that might interest both. The Honest Company is releasing a baseball theme range of diapers. They are decorated with lots of known teams’ logos, such as the Chicago Cubs, LA Dodgers, Texas Rangers, and more. It came to my attention, not only because of the cute babies, but also because one of my friends is pregnant. Ever since I found out she was going to have a baby, I find myself looking at baby clothes, toys, baby bottles, and, of course, diapers. The Honest Company, as its name says, is a company that creates and provides products along the line of wellness, focusing on what’s good for you by using natural and safe ingredients and materials. I thought it was an interesting find whether you are a mom, dad, soon to be parent, know someone with kids, a sports fan, or just love babies. 

My Best Dressed List 2018 Oscars Red Carpet

Hey there! 

I wanted to write a quick post about the 2018 Oscars red carpet. I didn’t catch the whole show and, if we are being honest here, I didn’t even see any segment. I just googled Oscars 2018 and saw the results last night before going to sleep haha. I was really happy that Gary Oldman (Sirius Black, if you’ve watched the Harry Potter movies) won the award for Best Leading Actor. Last week I watch the Darkest Hour and thought his acting was great. Also, it was amazing and good that Jordan Peele won the Oscar for Best Writing of an original script. This just shows a person can be versatile.

Besides finding out who won an Oscar, another main attraction is the red carpet. I love looking at photos of the dresses and makeup the actresses wore at the event. It’s just another way to catch on new fashion trends and different makeup inspirations. This year I believe champaign, soft pink, white, and metallic colors were most popular. Soft fabrics, lace, and embroidery were also well liked. Without further ado, here is my top 5 best dressed:

(Photo taken from ET Online. Original from Frazer Harrison/Getty Images) 

1. Jennifer Garner

I’ve been a Jennifer Garner fan way back when Alias first aired. I think what’s most appealing of her is that she seems very sweet and nice, but still can kick some ass (as her character did in Alias). I love how she dresses up in a not so reviling way, but still manages to look sexy and elegant. This case was no different. What was so striking about her dress is the color, an ultramarine blue (yes, I had to search for the name of that shade of blue). I loved the shape of the dress, it’s long tail and the fabric that runs from her neck to the floor as a long scarf. It was very flattering and she wore it very nice. Also, I loved the makeup she wore with this dress, a warm brown smokey eye.

(Photo taken from http://oscar.go.com/photos/2018/red-carpet-arrivals-2018)

2. Zoey Deutch 

When I was growing up, my mom and I used to watch Zoey’s mom’s tv serie, the one where she played a cartoonist. Zoey looks a lot like her mom and, as I was looking at photos of her, it reminded me of that show. I really liked the look she went for. It has kind of a vintage, maybe 1920’s, vibe to it. I loved all the embroidery that the dress had, which made it look delicate. The shape was different: V shaped, straight cut, and with many layers. The color, a champagne maybe pink tone, suited her well.

(Photo taken from http://oscar.go.com/photos/2018/red-carpet-arrivals-2018)

3. Gal Gadot

I love Gal Gadot. She seems like such a down to earth girl, even after a lot of success. She is always smiling and being kind to everyone. I really believe she is Wonder Woman. I loved her dress, a 1920’s flapper-like style with a deep V neck and ruffles. Another aspect that I liked about the dress was the metallic sequins and embroidery.

(Photo taken from http://oscar.go.com/photos/2018/red-carpet-arrivals-2018)

4. Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Nyong’o looked great in Black Panther and so did she in the red carpet. This was another dress that I liked. It shared the same metallic trend as Gal Gadot. It had a form fitting shape with a straight cut. All gold with a black and bronze sleeve or sort of sash that made it stood out. 

(Photo taken from E! Online. Original from Frazer Harrison/Getty Images) 

5. Allison Williams 

I’m not usually into big dresses or princess type dresses. However, Allison’s outfit was the exception. I really liked it. I don’t know whether it was the nude/cream color, the cristal embroidery, or the beautiful fabric, but all together this dress was beautiful. It looked very delicate and feminine. 

Which dress was your favorite? Did you watch the Oscars?

**None of the photos above belong to me. Their origine is stated below each photo.

January + February Makeup Favorites

I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog and this year I want to try and incorporate new ideas. I want to start doing different projects and build more consistent and creative content. One of the many plans I have, and thought it would be fun to do, is to share the products I’ve been using a lot each month. I love watching this type of video on YouTube, so I decided to change it into a blog format. I’ll try to make each review a bit more concise since I have quite a few to show you.

Elf Cosmetics Contour Palette 

Ever since contouring became a thing, I’ve been wanting to try it out. I’m not really a professional when it comes to makeup, but I do like learning more about it and using different techniques. I tried contouring with cream products first because I felt the finished result was more noticeable and it was easier to manage and blend. I never really thought about using powder products after that. It wasn’t until by accident I bought this Elf Cosmetics Conturing Palette thinking it was a cream palette. This happens when you don’t read the label! 

Since I already had bought it, it was time to put it to good use. I ended up really happy with it. This product comes with 4 shades, 2 for contouring and 2 for highlighting. It has a cool tone brown powder, which I use to do the contouring, and a warm brown for bronzing. There is a pinky beige shade that I use sometimes to set my concealer since it’s close to my skin tone. Also, there is a pretty white shimmery shade for highlighting. 

Overall, I’m happy I got this product. It’s moderately pigmented and easy to blend. I like to build up the product in order to get that natural look. I noticed there is some fallout when I dip my brush, but nothing crazy.

Sephora Collection Lipstories Lipstick

Over Christmas I got the chance to stop by Sephora and have a look around. I had been waiting for that moment ever since I saw that they added more brands to their range of cosmetics and beauty products. Whilst at the store, my attention was caught by this big stand that contained all 40 shades of Sephora’s Lipstories Lipsticks. Yes, 40 different shades in either matte, satin, or metallic finish. What blew me away even more was the price, $8. I couldn’t let pass this opportunity and got 3 shades for myself: Tan Lines (a cream nude), Yum Yum (a cream burgundy), and Take A Spin (a metallic soft pale pink). 

I like the idea behind this range of lipsticks. I may not always have a lot of makeup on, but I do carry with me a lipstick. Thus, each lipstick has a sort of meaning to me. It’s not just the way it suits me or how it makes me look, but also counts the moments and different situations in which I’ve worn it. Each lipstick has a distinct photo in it’s package that is linked to the shade. For example, Yum Yum is a burgundy color and it’s package has a photo of chocolate chip cookies because usually during wintertime/Christmas/fall, we tend to use more shades like this one. 

As a short summery, I love these lipsticks. They are very pigmented and creamy. This range appeases to all likes with various different colors and finishes. As for duration, I think they pass the test. They are quite long lasting.  The other day I used Take A Spin for going to the movies (yes, yes I did wear a metallic lipstick for watching a movie haha) and it lasted even after eating popcorn and drinking Ginger-Ale. 

Bourjois Volume Glamour Mascara

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I usually have two mascaras open and ready to use. One for everyday use and the other for special occasions such us going out. My go-to mascara was Maybelline’s Colossal Volume Express Mascara, but after constant use it was time to get a new one. 

I’m a bit of a hoarder when it comes to these products because if I had to use only one makeup product in my life, it would be a mascara. Therefore, I’m constantly looking and getting some just in case I run out of one. I had purchased Bourjois Volume Glamour Mascara literally 2 years ago, but hadn’t used it so I thought it was only appropriate replace my old mascara with this one. Seriously, it was kept in my makeup bag sealed and everything. At first, I thought it would have most likely dried after such a long time, but to my surprise it wasn’t. 

The brush is round and it’s bristols are packed very close together, allowing you to coat your lashes without them sticking together. The formula is great, not too dense so that it doesn’t get flaky. The overall effect was that it made my eyelashes look longer and fuller, like they had doubled in number and length. It lasts a long time, all day and afternoon, without having fallout or stain in my lower lid.

L’Oreal True Match Lumi Liquid Glow Illuminator

I’ve rediscovered the love I had for this product. When I first got it, I was expecting a strong and flashy highlighter because that was what I was looking for at the time. I didn’t swatch it at the drugstore, I just simply went for it blindly. Instead, I got a pretty golden liquid illuminator, a toned down version of what I had in mind. I wasn’t disappointed at all, because I found good use for it. 

I think this product is quite versatile. I use it in three different ways. Sometimes, I mix it with my foundation to get a glowy complexion. Other times, I place it on the high points of my cheeks before applying a light to medium coverage foundation to get a natural bronzy glow. Moreover, there are days when I use it as a base for a powder highlighter to stick to and get an additive effect. 

This product is great for a natural look because it illuminates your face, it doesn’t highlight, but rather adds a healthy glow, a bronzy aura to your makeup. It doesn’t move my foundation when applying over it and it allows the foundation to stick to it when I place it before. Since I’ve been all over natural makeup looks recently, it has been an awesome go-to product.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you think!