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Urban Decay Born To Run Palette Review

Hey, everyone!

It seems that Urban Decay’s new motto is: in with the new and out with the old. Last week, I saw in their Instagram account that they will no longer produce the Naked I palette, but are currently selling it until they run out of stock. It really shook me since it holds a dear place in my heart. It was the first eyeshadow palette that I ever bought. I enjoyed creating and experimenting with it. I loved the color scheme, the formula, the different finishes, the pigmentation, everything. Even today, after trying out other palettes, my perception about it hasn’t changed. It’s amongst my favorites. 

Nonetheless, while the Naked I palette is going away, Urban Decay is releasing many new and exciting makeup. A couple of months ago, they came out with the Born To Run range, which includes an eyeshadow palette, three lipsticks, and a setting spray. I was able to get my hands on the palette, as it really called my attention.

Unlike any palette previously released by this brand, the Born To Run palette comes with 21 eyeshadows, making it the palette with more eyeshadows than any other. It retails for $49, while the Naked palettes cost $54 each (and each contain 12 eyeshadows).

This product comes in a simple sleek black box. The brand logo and the name of the palette can be observed in the front. On the back part, there’s a short description of the product and the name of each eyeshadow. Once you open it, you get the palette itself and nothing else. 

The palette on the outside is decorated with photos from different places around the world, which goes hand in hand with theme of the whole collection: travel friendly must have makeup. I really liked the packaging. I thought it was fun, bright and creative. Maybe it’s just me, but the photos sort of make you want to travel and get to know to different places. Also, the palette comes with some stickers that you can use to decorate it your own way, but I like it as it is.

This palette is not meant to be carried in a purse, but rather in a suitcase. It’s not a huge product that can be tricky to pack. It’s a little bit bigger than the average size palette and it’s not too heavy. Also, the palette comes with a nice big mirror, perfect for doing your makeup anywhere. It’s very handy as it covers the need to take a mirror with you when traveling. It’s big enough for you to do your makeup comfortably. Moreover, the mirror can be folded out of the way in case you don’t want to use it, which is very nifty.

As mentioned before, the palette comes with 21 eyeshadows, which is a lot. I feel that you get a descent amount of each shade, specially for a palette that contains that number of eyeshadows. The color choice in the palette is excellent. There are warm tones and cools tones. You get highlighting shades, neutrals shades and pops of colors. Also, there are different types of eyeshadows: metallic, matte, and velvet. All in all, I think this palette is very complete. It’s good not only for traveling, as one day you might want a neutral, classic look, and other day you may be feeling more adventurous and may want to use the more vibrant and colorful shades, but also a good piece for your makeup collection.

(Here is a makeup look that I came up using this palette, just to show you how the eyeshadows look like when applied)

Overall, the formula of each eyeshadow is very good. There is very little kickback when dipping the brush into the eyeshadow. They are easy to blend and none of them have been patchy. While all the metallic, velvet, and most matte shades are very pigmented, a few of the matte eyeshadows (Still Shot and Weekender) are not as intense, but are definitely buildable and can achieve strong pigmentation. According to Urban Decay, you can wet them to get a more intense finish. I have yet to try them out using an eye primer to see if there is any difference, because I usually use concealer instead as a primer. My favorite shades are: Baja, Accelerate, Ignite, Double Life, and Radio. 

To finalize this lengthy review, I do recommend this product if you are looking for a good palette with an acceptable wide range of colors and finishes and at a descent price. The only thing that is missing is a brush, but I'm fine without one. I guess the reason they didn’t include one is to save space to be able to include 21 eyeshadows and to make it less expensive.

Have you tried this palette? What are your thoughts on the Urban Decay getting rid of the Naked I palette?

Let mw know what you think!