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Stay Home Makeup Series


I hope you are doing very well and staying safe. 

Spending more time at home has been a great opportunity to do some thinking. Inspired by what’s going on, I decided to create a sort of series or playlist of makeup tutorials honoring companies and people that have supported the fight against the Coronavirus. My intention is to highlight some good deeds in hopes to inspire people into working together to overcome the current pandemic and shed some positivity during this time. I think that we can all do something in a responsible way and accordingly to our own means, for example by practicing some voluntary social distancing, good hygiene, supporting local businesses, etc.

The first makeup look I did is in honor of MAC Cosmetics and their $10 million donation to different organizations. Also, they are currently selling three lipstick shades from their Viva Glam range, which all proceeds will go organizations helping people affected by the virus. It’s great to see that big and renown companies such as MAC Cosmetics are helping out. I used all the products that I own from this brand (not so many haha) and created this plum cat eye with warm shimmery eyeshadows, paired with a burgundy lipstick. 

Products used: 

Extra Dimensión Eye Shadows - Starry Starry Night and Sweet Heat

I love this range of eyeshadows. It’s very pigmented and durable. It has a metallic shimmery finish. It’s easy to apply with a brush, but I find that using the fingers has much better results. Starry Starry Night is a pretty copper color. Sweet Heat is a nice golden eyeshadow. Both shades were part of the Christmas limited edition products.

Liquidlast Liner - Rich & Robust

This eyeliner is very nice! I really like its formula and consistency. It’s not too liquid, but not too thick. It’s very pigmented and dries fast. The brush is soft and thin, which allows you to draw delicate lines. The color is a fun and vibrant purple.

Bronzing Powder - Refined Golden

My first ever MAC product! I love this bronzer. It’s sheer, but buildable and gives this nice and natural sun kissed finish.

Opulash Optimum Black Mascara

This makeup look was the last for my mascara, as I’ve officially finished it. I’ve had this one for a very long time and hasn’t failed me. It stays put even in the worst conditions haha. It’s very pigmented and long lasting. 

Love Me Lipstick - La Femme 

I love MAC lipsticks! I’ve tried a few of their ranges and quite like them. This one has a special significance as my mom gave it to me for Valentines Day haha. I like this shade! It’s a pretty deep and warm burgundy color with a sort of satin finish. The formula is hydrating, long lasting, and very pigmented. 

I hope you enjoy this look and this new series! Let me know what you think!

Here is the tutorial :D

It’s Been a Long Time!

I’m currently at home in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak doing some voluntary and necessary social distancing. Now that I’m spending more time indoors, I’ve been planning out activities to distract myself from boredom haha. I was thinking that now is the time to do those things I always put off for later, such as organizing my closet and bedroom, and then it came to mind that enough time has passed by since the last time I did a blogpost. Thus, I’m here sitting on the floor of my room, laptop on my legs, writing. Bedroom cleaning can wait haha.

Before anything, I wanted to take a minute and talk about what’s going on in the world right now. Although it’s coming to light new information about coronavirus and, little by little, we are learning more about the disease, what to do, and how to treat it, the fight is not over as there are still developing new cases in different countries. To overcome this situation, everyone has to put a little effort and work together. I might not be working at a hospital yet (hopefully soon I’ll enter my residency!), but what I’ve been doing is staying at home. Although that sounds like it’s not very useful haha, if few people are on the streets, there’s less chance of the virus spreading, as simple as that. It might not be the ideal situation for everyone, but it’s only temporary and I believe it will make a difference. Thus, I encourage everyone to make the effort and remain safe at home. 

A few months ago, I would not have imagined that countries would be paralyzed and forced to put all efforts into controlling this virus. If I look back at late last year, the only thing on my mind was my residency exam. I would visualize the months of February and March as days in which I was going to enjoy coffee at the cafes I like, going to the movies with my boyfriend, working out at the gym, just being able to live happy and exam free haha. The situation we are at now has made me more aware of how lucky I am to have my family together and in good health, and that for me is far more important than anything, more important than going out.

Maybe 2020 and the coronavirus are a reminder that working together, having each other on our mind, kindness and empathy, are key to moving on and important to overcome this obstacle and more.